The week that was at Corbin Fisher by Alias74

Corbin Fisher scenes from 10/20/2014 to 10/24/2014 AKA “Revenge of the Limp Dicks


10/20/2014 – Kellan Plows Brayden (Running Time: 18:11 minutes): Ostensibly an advertisement for the Liberator Esse Chaise sex furniture, this match up with two legends of the CF stable should have been hotter than what actually appears on screen. Don’t get me wrong… there is some major BLAZING HOT sex going on – Kellan is a rock hard fuck machine here (his cum shot is one for the record books in terms of volume and amount), and there is a HISTORIC CF moment (read on below) – but the clip feels rushed, disjointed and perfunctory. It’s hastily shot/edited to the point where just as things seem to heat up in the clip’s various sections, the action changes. AND… Brayden is such a natural and amazing performer it is a HUGE turn off for me that he appears semi-hard if not limp through most of this clip. Oh what could have been. (On the fence about this) DOWNLOAD AND WATCH LATER.

Things to look out for:

  • I need to buy one of these Esse Chaises! Watch at 14:39 as Kellan expertly uses the Esse chaise to focally rock Brayden’s body back and forth by just tilting his legs up and down, using him essentially as a sex toy. WOW!
  • GAPE ALERT! 12:27 and beyond – Kellan spreads open Brayden’s cheeks during the doggy portion, pulls out, shoves in, pulls out hands free.
  • HISTORIC – I think this is the FIRST time I’ve seen a position change STRAIGHT TO CUM SHOT in one unbroken take (minutes 13:45 to 15:16)
  • WTF???? There’s a weird cartoon blip sound effect at 15:15 (?)


10/21/2014 – Samuel Solo (Running Time: 17:26 minutes): If Michael Phelps and actor Tom Cavanagh had a baby or were fused together in that machine from “The Fly”, you would get Samuel – an awkward looking but kinda goofy certainly sexy cat with a lean, muscular body. This 23 year old claims to love cougars (he fucked a 38 year old woman) and is into girls. He likes doggy style and is into anal sex. Yeah….not expecting a return. SKIP/DELETE

Things to look out for:

  • Love this guy’s body – oddly long torso, but the muscular traps and shoulders balance it all out. Like the geek that went freak.
  • Not much of an ass (though unexpectedly hairy, hairy, hairy….did I mention hairy ass crack), but that cock is something hot – allegedly 6.5 inches (it looks smaller on his tall frame), it’s thick and curvy. I can work with that!
  • UM…..WET SPOT IN THE JOCK!!!! When Samuel doffs his pants for the first time, there is a huge obvious wet spot in the jock, so either he was precumming or more likely, this cat didn’t shake well enough at the urinal. And he knows it – he turns BEAT RED!


10/23/2014 – Rowan Swallows Colt (Running Time: 17:56 minutes): Admittedly Rowan and Colt look fucking amazing. Both are muscular, cut, and gorgeous (although I’m on the fence about Rowan’s bad sun damage on his face and that parted brill creme hair style on Colt), but to watch the MANY times in this clip when their rock hard boners wilt to floppy wet pasta is both disappointing and discouraging. WHY? Because I’m a paid subscriber. Because the performers and Corbin Fisher can and have done better. Because ain’t nobody got time for that! “Magic Boners” abound (i.e. limp one second, then in the next edit, they are rock hard). Add to that a failed upside down vase sex position that generates ZERO heat, brief fake fucking for a transition shot, and disappointing cum shots, and you have the makings of an epic SKIP/DELETE!

Things to look out for (or not look for as it were):

  • Hottest moment: Colt is slow to enter Rowan’s tight hole as Rowan seems to have trouble taking that huge equipment – there’s a slow, slow push in all the way to balls deep that takes place over the course of 6:42 to 7:35. Real time bottom pain hotness!
  • SQUELCHY SEX SOUNDS: Listen at 9:54 to 10:05 for the hot squelchy hole noises when Colt pushes back into Rowan and then pulls out and thrusts back in.
  • FAKE FUCKING UPSTAGE LEFT! At minute 12:31 and beyond as they transition from the doggy position to before they move to the vase pose, I SWEAR Colt is NOT in Rowan which would make sense because his next move is rimming Rowan and most porn performers are reticent to lick a freshy fucked ass (although they do it all the time over at Lucas Entertainment!)
  • Disappointing cum shots – Rowan literally shoots out a thimble full and Colt COMPLETELY MISSES landing most of the cum in Rowan’s mouth….but a late in the game spurt lands a DIRECT HIT to Rowan’s Battleship.