10 thoughts on “Then & Now on Justin Masters

  1. By the way, he was also a Sean Cody model in 2003. His model name was “Horse Hung,” and he kept his face hidden by a Polo cap. This is just another example of a model (particularly the gay-for-pay model) circuiting gay sites. I canceled my memberships to the Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, and Chaosmen sites earlier this year because the scenes had become so predictable, and I grew weary of seeing the same models, repetitively. For the most part, I tend to agree with Ausins Dead that “gay porn is so boring and so tame.”

  2. THAT DICK is national treasure worthy! But I wanna see it in action…I don’t if it’s with a chick, a transgender performer, a guy, a pumpkin…..FUCK SOMETHING, DUDE!
    Also he’s hot as fuck!

  3. Kind of a douchebag in chat. It wasn’t that hot of a chat room, as some of the chat room lurkers are size queens, where the chronically ask different scenarios where he’d let a guy suck his dick. Won’t talk freely without going private. He clearly was about the money, and didn’t have any personality. He got an attitude with some of the chat members when they brought up that no one seemed to want to take him private. He also bragged about his girlfriend not being able to take his dick.
    Again, if total douchebag is your thing…go for it.

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