Will you be watching Dirty Rascals?

From Naked SwordDirty Rascals features an all star cast including: Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Dato Foland, Darius Ferdynand, BelAmi’s Gino Mosca, BelAmi’s Phillipe Gaudin, BelAmi’s Brian Jovovich, BelAmi’s Rick Lautner, BelAmi’s Marcel Gassion, BelAmi’s Tim Campbell and more! The film debuts on NakedSword.com on 11-3-14 and will be rolled out throughout the month and into December.


18 thoughts on “Will you be watching Dirty Rascals?

  1. This was totally stupid. Bringing in 2 extremely overexposed g4p guys from boring American condom porn to film with a popular bareback studio of g4p European porn to make the same boring irrelevant samey condom porn the 2 Americans have been making for every single existing condom porn studio.
    Why would anyone be watching??

  2. O.M.Gosh!!…. I’m SHOCKED that this isn’t Directed by George Duroy. LOL!! …. Seems like a BAO/Kinky Angels sort of production.
    I agree with von Schlomo,…BAO’s new owners must be up-in-arms about this NS Title. Wow!!!

  3. Industry politics? You scratch my back, I scratch your back? NakedSword is gaining more and more influence with its VOD offerings.

  4. I also like to see new guys, but I never tire of seeing hot gay porn veteran stars like : Dato Foland, Darius Ferdynand, Tommy Defendi, Connor Maguire, Gino Mosco, Phillipe Gaudin et al in new scenes.

  5. I am really having a bad times with porn recently.
    First of all, condoms. I don’t like them anymore, and I am
    puzzled by the studios that hang on to them like..not even
    why. There is so much advancement in the field, checking is
    so easy, Prep & Truvada is there, so what’s their problem.
    The second thing is the recent batch of actors. I mean, some
    of them are hot, but geez, the amount of facial hair is going
    through the roof! No, it is not sexy!! I like to see the FACE
    of these actors, on top of their well defied bodies. Also strange unattractive hairdos recently.
    And last but not least – tattoos. omg. tattoos galore! too
    many guys!! too many!! some of them are quite ugly very long
    sentences, or proverbs in Arabic, Chinese, and some other
    languages. It’s NOT attractive!! enough!
    This film looks kind of boring for Naked Sword, especially
    when I saw Tommy Defendi there – sorry I don’t find him or
    his facial hair attractive – and all those Bellamy guys, too twinky for me.
    So, no, I’ll pass.

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