4 updates this week on Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire is in demand. He had four scenes released this week. Is he bordering on over exposure and may follow the career of Marc Dylan? Maybe, he is taking advantage of situation – maximizing his earnings before he leaves porn.

Two scenes were released yesterday. I already posted about Connor's scene with Phillipe Gaudin at Naked Sword. The second was his scene with Derek Pain [gallery] at Bound Gods.


It was followed today with his scene at Cocky Boys with Levi Michaels.

Connormaguire_indemand_01 Connormaguire_indemand_02 

And, at Next Door World [gallery], where he was paired with Drake Tyler (aka Easton of CF)


All four scenes had him as a top.

17 thoughts on “4 updates this week on Connor Maguire

  1. Connor is easily, with only Tommy Defendi and Darius F close behind, the most over-exposed gay porn model currently working. Why the studios, even Bel Ami????, continue casting him in scenes, almost always as a top, is a huge mystery.

  2. I think he also did a scene for Bound Gods that came out this week. And I think a movie from Icon Male with him in it also came out recently.

  3. I like Tommy, though. And I will say Connor at least has a decent dick… when it can stay up, that is.

  4. I can’t with Connor Maguire, just the presence of him and Tommy Defendi in Dirty Rascals makes me not want to watch the movie. Can’t believe BelAmi used Tommy Defendi in a 4some they filmed with him and Kris, Vadim and Darius.

  5. Never understood the hype for his guy, he has a nice looking face but that’s it. His body is weird as hell to me, no ass no body and an average dick. Yet the fags seem to foam at the mouth at the mention of him?!?!?
    I’m not even trying to be hateful but it really irks when essentially average guys are so gassed up for whatever fucking reason.

  6. Why are you grouping Darius with those 2 basics. He’s actually openly gay, has an incredible body and face and is a good performer who is also versatile… I only wish more performers like him were overexposed compared to the G4P lackluster bullshit we have to suffer through on the regular.

  7. I wonder why Kink continues using him. He’s never convincing when he tops and plays a dom. (When compared to a pro like Christian Wilde he looks like a clumsy amateur.) He’s even more laughable when he attempts to be verbal. At that point I turn off the video because his whiny fratboy voice annoys me even more.
    I guess I’m in the minority with my opinion because he’s in high demand. I wouldn’t compare him to Tommy Defendi. Tommy, in spite of being overexposed as well, is a passionate performer and versatile; he tops as much as he bottoms. With Connor you get the same ole shit, video after video.

  8. This is interesting. I thoroughly understand that if he’s offered the work, he should do as much as he can. Make as much money as he can.
    I agree that makes him overexposed as he appears to be everywhere and he’s not my cup of tea.
    But how do porn producers know when to drop an actor? How do they go about getting feedback? None of the big sites have a forum to discuss such things and emails are more than likely ignored.

  9. Let me be the lone voice here and declare my lust for Connor. I don’t think he can be too overexposed for me and I love it when he shows up on a site I frequent. One person can not be all things to all people so just understand that if he is not your taste he may be someone else’s. You don’t have to understand why.

  10. Connor is fucking HOT! I interviewed this cat and just fell in love with him. Straight….COMPLETELY. But fucking hot.
    Meanwhile: When did Derek Pain a) lose his hair, b) lose his muscle, c) get so old looking and d) come across as fem???? This is a new development….Not looking so great in that last clip.

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