A 2011 CF Select scene is the latest update at Corbin Fisher (tips @ Jason401 & Sam)

I always thought content at CF Select is exclusive. The latest update at Corbin Fisher is a scene of Ethan and James, released at CF Select in 2011 "From our original Pura Vida shoot in Costa Rica, this scorching hot episode had only been available on CF Select.  We're now releasing it on CF, so all of our subscribers can enjoy it!"


For those who bought scenes at CF Select, what's your reaction if one by one old scenes of CF Select starts appearing on a weekly basis at Corbin Fisher "Look for even more hot, former CF Select-only episodes being regularly released on the subscription site!"

28 thoughts on “A 2011 CF Select scene is the latest update at Corbin Fisher (tips @ Jason401 & Sam)

  1. What was the point of purchasing that scene on CFSelect? I did, and to tell you the truth, feel CF hasn’t lived up to its part of the bargain.
    In the end the company seems to be going in a direction I no longer want to follow. I used be excited about their content, not anymore. SeanCody seems to be the only company to have a consistent product. No games, no tricks, no chat crap, just good porn. Add to that they are reasonably priced. I’m letting my CF membership lapse and don’t plan to purchase again from CFSelect. If I see a scene I really want. I’ll wait till they release it on their main site. Get a one month membership gather what looks good and move on. Their movies can now be found on AEBN, so in a sense I will still have access. CF just isn’t worth a recurring membership any longer.

  2. I purchased that scene and have an ongoing membership to CF and I am pissed. Just another sign that CF is going down hill. I hope there is an attorney out there that will call them on this bullshit. Another breach of trust with their subscribers. How do I get my refund? How do you get CF to even communicate with you?

  3. I mean, I also purchased this when it was on CFS and now it is available for free, but as @jim said, “….that’s business.” I actually think I purchased this during a CFS sale during some Valentines Day special for like .99.
    I also purchased a bunch of clothing at Ralph Lauren at the beginning of the fall and guess what, it’s on sale now. My guess, that clothing will be discounted even more come Black Friday in a few days.
    I think the biggest issue I see with this re-release, is that I’m reminded how shitty CF is now compared to 2011.

  4. What a ripoff. Now I totally understand how low CF has gotten. I paid a lot of $$$ for those scenes now they are free on the website.
    CF can kiss it. I’m done with their site. It just shows how desperate they have become.
    Maybe if they would’ve listened to the constructive feedback they received instead of just ignoring it they wouldn’t be in this sad shape. Subscribers will only take so much. They hit my breaking point. I’ll spend my $ elsewhere.

  5. Can we say recycled porn. Another way for CF to provide less to their customers over a a period of time. By not providing new content allows the company to save money paying for new content, however in the process they will be providing less to their customers as well. I had a feeling that is what they were going to do with the old scenes from CFS since they did not leave them posted on the newly combined site. They kept the collection scenes up but they are way too expensive to purchase. Overall CF has become much more expensive than their closest competitor by a mile. Their content has went down hill over the past couple of years and doing this will only lose customers and not gain them. Whoever is running the marketing department for them might need to find a new job because this plan needs some serious work.
    I will say that unfortunately this may be a sign of a company that has lost touch with those people that helped put them where they are today. They have tried to provide scenes from different cities they worked in using some of the same models over and over again as though that is proving they have not lost touch. Their pricing and using old scenes as fillers because they are trying to make money off of the same people that already paid for the content once is a true sign that things are not what they used to be there. If they are, then they need to plug the holes they are creating on this ship because it could sink fast.

  6. This is not the first time a CFS scene was released on ACM/ACS as a “gift”. Another one was available on ACM/ACS recently: a bi scene (which I had paid for on CFS). Now I understand why all the CFS scenes (considerable no.) I purchased over my CF subscription were available for download from the separate CFS account for about the last two months, despite the previous practice of having them available for on 7 days only after purchase for download. It was because the scenes are probably going to be drip-fed to keep up the content on the new, combined site and covered by your membership.
    I wonder if sales will still be on the slide when old scenes are drip-fed. We are used to fresh new updates regularly. The attraction of old scenes just isn’t there, although it is worth looking through one’s own archives every so often for a favourite from the past. Clearly, the online porn business isn’t the money-pot it used to be.

  7. “REFUND”????…gosh I never thought that word ever existed at Corbin Fisher….and good luck on the word “COMMUNICATE” as well. Ever since “Chip” left CF,..their customer service has gone to the sewers,..and non of my correspondence have been answered since.
    It saddens me to witness my Favorite Studio slipping in Customer Satisfaction. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Well said – GMan!!
    Businesses consolidate to save money…and this may be CF’s first indication of belt-tightening to squeeze every $$$ dollar profit from their customers. I endorse “business sustainability,..but how they do it and to whom they “Piss-Off”….may determine their fate in this highly competitive industry.

  9. I don’t have a problem with it at all. CFS also in the past sold episodes which were available to ACM subscribers (for those people who didn’t want to purchase a monthly subscription). They should just make CFS a site to purchase individual videos without a subscription and leave it at that.

  10. You missed the point. CFS by itself WAS a place to purchase single scenes or groups as “collections”. It was extra to ACM/ACS. CFS was a non-subscription site where “special” scenes were made available for anyone to purchase irrespective of a ACM/ACS membership. It had a separate log-in. What people are complaining about now is not making scenes “select” for which everyone must pay extra or chosing not to have a subscription at all, but having the scene you already paid extra for available as part of the current ACM/ACS subscription. In other words, something that previously could only be purchased as an extra even if you had a subscription is now freely available with your subscription, albeit a little dated. If those of us who had both CF subscriptions and purchased CFS scenes had know they would be free, we might not have purchased them.

  11. I bought Connor and Davon from CFSelect. It was an exclusive. I checked on the new site and it’s not listed. Maybe at some point that will be listed as an update? CF is too big leagues for this recycling crap. It’s tacky at best, and corrupt at worst.

  12. Not liking anything coming from CF these days. Most of the hotties are no where to be seen these days, namely Aiden, Cain and Austin to mention a couple. Plus, it seems to be the same guys scene in and scene out with very few of the new guys stepping up to the plate. Unfortunately this makes for very boring and repetitive viewing “BIG yawn” CF better pull finger soon or it’s going be a slow and torturous demise for them unlike Sean Cody who are actually producing the goods right now.

  13. 1) I locked in an obscenely LOW price for CF such that it would be a huge fail on my part to drop it…
    2) Yeah…this is really disappointing that they have to resort to a back catalog for a release
    3) Not sure WHAT this says about Corbin Fisher and its behind the scenes….frankly: the clip is NOT a “gift” and features two (while admittedly hot) performers that are all but forgotten in the canon of hot CF performers.
    Has anyone tried to email CF and see if they get a response or anything?????

  14. How about at their next public appearance we throw rotten tomatoes at them? Bad performers, sketchy business tactics , no apologies …. CF Sucks but I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. Absolutely right! Ever since his departure, along with Dawson’s which occurred around the same time, they have really gone down the crapper.

  16. From. What. I. Know…they sacked some of the behind-the-scenes team, which explain the lack of quality in the film, editing and actually scenes as a whole.

  17. I’m not exactly surprised at this move. I, too, paid for some scenes and now they will slowly be released on the main website: great news for me! I had a hard drive failure on an external drive and lost a shit ton of the CFS scenes. And I ain’t about to pay no more money for the CFSelect scenes.
    But I too, have a membership locked in at a low price like (alias74) and will continue to pay.
    But as far as their videos, they really have diminished over the course of time. Whether it was model problems, or staff, or combination of both, I really do miss the old CF videos. They were hot!!! The models were outstanding!
    Some of the more recent new models have been ho-hum. Not really impressed with them. Of any that have impressed has been “Colt.” He’s taken to bottoming like a duck to water. “Quinn” has made some rather impressive videos of late. So for now those are my 2 favorites.
    But overall, SC > CF. And I hate to admit that, but it’s God’s honest truth. Models are hotter. Plain and simple. And the action scenes (while very predictable in their course of actions) just seem better.
    And that is one advantage of SC over CF in their models: variety. SC will bring in the occasional Latino or black male (whom are usually hung like a horse and uncut :))
    SO CF owners, if you read this, please take notes. It will do y’all a world of good to freshen up your models and sex scenes a bit. A little variety goes a long way.

  18. Well yeah but if everyone followed your path there would be no CF at all. Maybe that’s where it’s headed.

  19. I didn’t miss the point at all. I believe the idea of creating “exclusive” content that wasn’t available to ACM members was and is a mistake. ACM isn’t cheap, and the idea that loyal subscribers have to pay additional $$$ to obtain content is just ridiculous, and somewhat patronizing. The models are the same, the action is the same. They need to concentrate on providing good quality content for their loyal subscribers. I don’t have a problem with them having another site for ad-hoc purchases – as long as that content has also been provided to subscribers. Now, as far now providing that “exclusive” content to subscribers… I don’t have an issue with it, because that is what they should have been doing in the first place. I’m one of those who paid for select content from time to time. I wanted to see those videos at the time, so I paid for that privilege. It’s no different than paying $30 for a DVD and a year later it being on sale for $5. That said, going forward they should get rid of the “exclusive” content and just make CFS an ad-hoc site.

  20. You know, I was willing to give CF the benefit of the doubt, especially with a completely redesigned site coming out. But when I saw pics of ‘Anders’ my jaw dropped. What the fuck?!? Recent CF … cough … models … have been downright distasteful with very few exceptions. ‘Colt’ is good, but his beefier self is kinda blah for me. And where has ‘Aiden’ disappeared to??? It’s nice ‘Connor’ is back … but maybe just for a limited number of scenes to help him and his new wifey start their new life together with some good money in the bank. I dunno. I think CF just isn’t worth the money anymore. Oh, and I miss ‘Austin’ too!!!

  21. “SUPER WOW”!! Enjoying reading everyone’s COMMENTS….especially those expressing disgust seeing CFS Exclusives being posted on the ACM website. ” I FULLY AGREE and a bit annoying in the groin “!!
    Alias74 asked: [quote]Has anyone tried to email CF and see if they get a response or anything?????[/quote]
    YES I DID……and NOT expecting a reply or even an “F-OFF” from Corbin. LOL!!!
    If anyone’s interested on what’s PLANNED/SCHEDULED for Weekly CF updates,..here’s what Pete@CF had to say on Twitter:
    Sun ACM duo/Mon ACM solo or BJ/Tue CFS old/Wed ACS duo/Thur ACM duo/Fri CFS old/Sat ACS trio?
    “I still LOVE CF…for holding true to the word – DIVERSIFICATION”…and the only Studio that deliberately “PISSES-OFF MEMBERS TO THE MAX”. LOL!! .. LOL!! “Way To Go Corbin”!!!

  22. Let’s analyze Pete’s statement on CFSelect.
    Tue CFS old / Fri CFS old …. and reading between the lines…seems to indicate NO NEW UPDATES are planned for CFS.
    Does this mean that CFS is basically DEAD or at least FROZEN for now?? “That Would Be SAD”!!

  23. It isn’t quite the same as a DVD, scene or whatever being sold at one price and a cheaper price later, as in normal retail, or even products which are superceded by newer models. The CFS scenes were originally purchased with the belief they were unavailable elsewhere, i.e exclusive. The only way to (legally) acquire one was by paying a fee to CFS in the one website. Clearly, many ACM/ACS subscribers were under the impression that they couldn’t just wait to get the scenes at a cheaper price, such as a with an ACM/ACS membership, or with a sale either from ACM/ACS, or through another distributor, i.e. no CFS Black Fridays, Boxing Day sales or the like. Quite simply, the complaint is that all the CFS advertising was misleading in the minds of a bunch of consumers.
    In the end, it is always caveat emptor when buying stuff, but there are consumer laws around the world which proscribe “misleading” or “deceptive” behaviour. It appears that many contributors to this discussion think that was what it was. That was the point.

  24. BTW, a very good example of what being “exclusive” means commercially can be seen in the Pierre Cardin v Louis Vuitton history. Pierre Cardin started as being a “high-end” brand being sold out of the best establishments. The clever (not) management thought expanding sales widely would increase the strength of the brand. It didn’t. When it became obvious you could buy Pierre Cardin stuff at just any ole retailer its brand was diminished, sales dropped and we don’t see Pierre Cardin stuff for sale any more, or if we did, we wouldn’t pay much more for it than Target’s brand. In contrast, Louis Vuitton has only ever sold in “exclusive” shops and protects its brand through trade mark, copyright and other brand related enforcement actions. Anyone who is brand conscious knows that such brands, which cultivate “snob” value, have very high margins. Just ask the high end brand owners selling in China.
    By releasing CFS scenes through the ACM/ACS website, CF is diminishing the CFS brand and cannot expect anyone to pay $7.95 for a scene because it is branded just the same as all the other scenes available with a regular subscription.
    Maybe CF is just moving to the Sean Cody model, i.e. just make it all available through the one website, with a point of differentiation being offering a few “collections” with a theme to people who just want to buy, or can afford, only a few scenes per year.

  25. CF is releasing old scenes as new. Today’s “Josh Rides Jeff” in Costa Rica is quite old. Jeff is long gone. It is from the first junket to Costa Rica, not the last one earlier this year.

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