A trend in the making? Membership at The Guy Site (tip @ Peter)

I seldom visit The Guy Site. It just had a make over – a more professional feel.


There are now two options to watch the videos.


If you buy a monthly membership, it's only for streaming videos. But, if you buy credits, you get to download and keep the videos.


If you choose the credit option, there are two choices to buy the video. One is saving it to the cloud, which is cheaper but it's streaming and you own the video. The second option is more expensive but you get to keep the video on your computer.

Other sites do offer the streaming option and/or the buy per scene. Unlike others, The Guy Site has integrated both options in one site and across their web pages. Smart move from The Guy Site?

This was the opinion of Peter, who sent me this tip.

– It's a great idea. When you find some clips, but you don't want to join for a month, you can buy them without joining the site.

– It's a bad idea. You have to pay more (buying credits) when you want to download more clips from the website.

9 thoughts on “A trend in the making? Membership at The Guy Site (tip @ Peter)

  1. American / US Internet streaming sucks and will get worse once Comcast guts net neutrality. Ever go to a hotel and try to use their poor excuse for Internet? Streaming is a bad option. I don’t join a site unless I can download a video , nothing worse than being mid jerk and have your service start to buffer. I will pass on them . Does not sound like a deal.

  2. I agree with you on streaming vs downloading.
    Another consideration – somebody has to pay upkeep for cloud storage. If the site folds, odds are somebody’s not going to get paid to maintain that little bit of the cloud and…poof, it will be gone.

  3. Same in Australia. Won’t join streaming only sites. Even download speeds vary a lot. A scene needs to be downloaded for later enjoyment when you can go forward and back, depending on your mood.

  4. From an academic Business Marketing 101 standpoint, this is a terrible idea for them for a primary reason–I am confused. As a potential customer, I am confused and now I don’t care enough to figure it out…customer loss.
    I am confused and I understand the idea of streaming vs downloading and cloud vs. hard-drive storage. If I am confused so I am walking away.
    Didn’t Randy Blue try something similar to this streaming business? That’s when I left them and stopped caring too. Never went back even though they went back to their old standard format. The hardest thing you can do is lose a customer and try to get them back.

  5. They do feature some hot guys (Hello, Mitchell!), and though the option to buy individual videos is a plus, being streaming-only for the full membership is a big let-down.
    They should offer download-to-own, say for X number of videos per month, for those willing to pay monthly.

  6. This idea sucks and not in a good way. They will guaranteed lose members over it. What the hell is the point of paying to be a member and not being able to download the vidoes? No wonder people just pirate them sites like this drive them to it if they want to own a video.

  7. Attention gay porn website owners: I hope you do read these comments for market research purposes.
    I will NEVER join a website where I can not download and own the videos for a reasonable fee (i.e. not more than $29.95/month). I am NOT interested in streaming or the cloud. I was a member of a website (BadmanRobin8) that went from unlimited downloads to unlimited streaming and pay per download. The result: I ended my long-term membership. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best way for a company to grow its membership base–in reverse.

  8. STREAMING ONLY BLOWS! Pay per view only BLOWS!
    But yeah….I find ALL of the men on this site scorching fucking hot!

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