A trend in the making? Membership at The Guy Site (tip @ Peter)

I seldom visit The Guy Site. It just had a make over – a more professional feel.


There are now two options to watch the videos.


If you buy a monthly membership, it's only for streaming videos. But, if you buy credits, you get to download and keep the videos.


If you choose the credit option, there are two choices to buy the video. One is saving it to the cloud, which is cheaper but it's streaming and you own the video. The second option is more expensive but you get to keep the video on your computer.

Other sites do offer the streaming option and/or the buy per scene. Unlike others, The Guy Site has integrated both options in one site and across their web pages. Smart move from The Guy Site?

This was the opinion of Peter, who sent me this tip.

– It's a great idea. When you find some clips, but you don't want to join for a month, you can buy them without joining the site.

– It's a bad idea. You have to pay more (buying credits) when you want to download more clips from the website.