Blake Autry 2.0 (tips @ Matthew & Yamato)

Blake Autry was introduced by College Dudes last November 2010. A month later, his scene with Josh Slyman was released.

Thennow_blake_autry_collegedudes_01 Thennow_blake_autry_collegedudes_02 

If you think he was big, he just got bigger. He is doing live cam shows at Chaturbate as Mike Supplements and is currently online. This was Matthew's observation on his cam shows "He seems to be struggling with his identity. He shows his ass, then swears no ass views, he doesn't do that, then shows his ass again. Then offers private shows for ass only, then no more ass, then free ass for all. All of this was in each show. It wasn't token begging, he's just got issues."


Meet the Hulk.


Unfortunately on Youtube, his gay porn work was outted by the commenters.

4 thoughts on “Blake Autry 2.0 (tips @ Matthew & Yamato)

  1. I certainly hope he’s found some “Identity and Solace” in bodybuilding and becoming a “HULK-ster”.
    I’ve seen photographs of CF-Dawson and CSM-Brady Jensen taking on bodybuilding,..and (in my opinion), they look horrible as former porn-models, and Blake has just joined their ranks.
    “Should have remained @ CD and popped his cherry”!! LOL!!!

  2. LOL. Was watching him on Chaturbate last night. Not really watching. Peeking. Didn’t see him do much. More of a tease I thought.

  3. He should join the Fratpad. They’ll give him a fleshjack! We can watch him shower. Workout. He can even pull out his penis from time to time. Everyone will throw money at him. Did I say Fratpad, I meant Chaterbate. 😛

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