11 thoughts on “Caught on camera :) (tip @ Marlon)

  1. Jiri (the other top is Denis Reed). I thought we’d seen the last of him since he got that disgusting tattoo. A hooded klansman offering… something to a bare-breasted black girl sitting on a palm tree. What the f–k is that supposed to signify??
    Why is gay porn so full of shitheads?!

  2. Jiri = Georgio Black = George Roy = numerous other porn names.
    This guy has been in porn for over a decade and some sources say his age is 36. He claims to be bisexual and has a child. Last year he had a motor cycle accident and had a complicated leg fracture. He did some Czech Hunter episodes walking on crutches.
    It is no secret that he is the other CzechHunter. It is also mentioned on the Gay Erotic Video Index. IMHO he comes nowhere near Denis Reed as CzechHunter. Denis seems to have a good connection with the models where as Jiri seems too business like. And then that awful tattoo that is so distracting. Time to retire?

  3. Denis Reed often does the speaking in this guy’s scenes. I’m not sure how often Denis actually does the fucking. He has a smaller dick and is usually quite tanned.

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