CF Select is now integrated within Corbin Fisher (tips @ Jason401, GMan & Andre)

I got emails from fellow porn fans about the vanishing content from CF Select. And, no updates were uploaded in days.


If you now type, it will now take you to the beta version of Corbin Fisher.


You can log in if you are a member or just click agree if you are a visitor. You will see the upcoming new format of Corbin Fisher and CF Select (CFS) is now included but not yet 100% complete.


The new ACM. Each scene, if clicked, will pop up over the main page.


Fellow porn fan Jason401 took a test drive on the new format of Corbin Fisher "Just completed a beta "Test Drive" through the NEW CF upgraded Website …. and came away "Smiling",…and gave it a "B+" as a passing grade since a few KEY FEATURES, I enjoy at CF is not listed on their NEW format. Missing:?? >> Profile Videos, E-Mail Cards, and Wallpapers. (However, CF-deceives;, their wallpapers are NO LONGER available for FREE download unless you are a full member. also,….. I hope they will return the "SCROLLING" feature in locating the models. (That too is available to only paying members)."

The "technical team" checking out the bugs of the new Corbin Fisher format 🙂


17 thoughts on “CF Select is now integrated within Corbin Fisher (tips @ Jason401, GMan & Andre)

  1. OH MY GOSH!!….and let’s not forget to mention that UPGRADES come at a PRICE….as CFSelect Exclusive scenes are now $7.95 USD ( a whole $ dollar more to enjoy ) “SUPER OUCH”!!!

  2. I like it–but I’m sure this all will come at a cost. That’s CF’s biggest issue, they’re always looking for something new and more and then jack up prices. As bland and boring sat SC is these day’s, it’s worth seeing that dusty cheap furniture and what feels like a circa 2000 webpage, to keep prices low.

  3. The upgrade has happened in the last 24 hours. Now you can log-in to using your CF log-in. As Jason401 noticed, the price of the CF Select scenes has gone up to $7.95, a 14% increase. For the last year, if you were a CF member they would give you 20% off CF Select scenes, or $5.56. The year before that the discount was 30%. Now it appears there is no discount. Having paid for a lot of CF Select scenes, they are not worth an extra $7.95. That will be a 30% increase on the $5.56! It seems to be a shady way to try to increase the membership cost.

  4. It looks like they now will only offer a combined ACM/ACS subscription. The combined price (29.99) is only $5 more than ACM alone, so seems like an ok deal (unless you’re opposed to paying for straight or bi porn at all.)
    I guess this new format gives the CFS content more visibility but as a subscriber, I dislike them trying to sell me ‘extras’.

  5. Someone mentioned to @CF_Pete on twitter that he saw scenes from CFSelect on the new site and basically asked if CFSelect wouldn’t be updated anymore and Pete’s respond was “yes, there will be new episodes on CFS coming soon from Tampa, San Diego and several more location shoots”. I think the integration of CFSelect in to their main site is more of a convenience for the subscribers and people who don’t have a subscription can just visit CFSelect in the future and purchase scenes from that site.

  6. Right–and what they should have done from jump from a marketing perspective. Why have two sites that you have to promote and market? They’re the same brand and they should be easily searched across platforms–this isn’t The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic—it’s okay for the CF world of porn to touch.
    I should do consulting for porn studios…seems like amateur hour over at most of these places. The places that aren’t amateur hour: CF, SC, RB, etc. are so insular, that they are lacking innovation and a connection to their audience.

  7. looks like CFSelect is struggling.. the last update was Kennedy Takes Zeb’s Load which is dated 7/18/2014. Is it going to close down like

  8. So I’m confused–can somebody tell me if I’m missing something? It looks like all that’s available on CFS now are the collections. I don’t see any of the individual releases that I was slowly but surely picking up when I had extra money from time to time. Are they hiding somewhere on the site? Is there any info anywhere about when or if they might show up?

  9. There are now two tabs to click for collections or single scenes. But the single scenes are still $7.95 so not a very good deal compared to the past.

  10. I would think the site is going to be confusing to people who visit it for the first time. Some content is included in a subscription, some is not. And nowhere on the site can I find an explanation of WHY the ‘CF Selects’ videos are so much more expensive than those included in the subscription.
    Also, looking at the FAQs. I see that ‘members’ (of ACS OR ACM, presumably) get a discount on purchases. Anyone know how much?

  11. The discount for ACM/ACS members was 30% about a year ago, then it was 20% until now. Now it is 0%. I used to have separate log-ins for ACM and CFSelect. Now the old CFSelect log-in doesn’t work and I must use the ACM/ACS log-in details whether or not I enter via the old front page or the new one, i.e CFSelect. I tested for the discount but found there was none. If I put a scene in the shopping cart while logged in under the old system, it calculated “my price” with the 20% discount. The new system just lists the price as being $7.95 with no discount. I wonder if they will arrange a discount again. Probably not. The extra scenes are not worth $7.95 and I won’t be paying any extra.

  12. There’s an FAQ on the new site:
    “We’re currently working through a bug where members are not receiving a discount. Please note those who have an active subscription will continue to receive discounts moving forward.
    Please submit a ticket and let us know if this impacts you.”
    But no reference to what that discount is.

  13. I haven’t been able to find several of the old CFS exclusive gay scenes. They’re NOT integrated into ACM. At least not yet.

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