CF Select is now integrated within Corbin Fisher (tips @ Jason401, GMan & Andre)

I got emails from fellow porn fans about the vanishing content from CF Select. And, no updates were uploaded in days.


If you now type, it will now take you to the beta version of Corbin Fisher.


You can log in if you are a member or just click agree if you are a visitor. You will see the upcoming new format of Corbin Fisher and CF Select (CFS) is now included but not yet 100% complete.


The new ACM. Each scene, if clicked, will pop up over the main page.


Fellow porn fan Jason401 took a test drive on the new format of Corbin Fisher "Just completed a beta "Test Drive" through the NEW CF upgraded Website …. and came away "Smiling",…and gave it a "B+" as a passing grade since a few KEY FEATURES, I enjoy at CF is not listed on their NEW format. Missing:?? >> Profile Videos, E-Mail Cards, and Wallpapers. (However, CF-deceives;, their wallpapers are NO LONGER available for FREE download unless you are a full member. also,….. I hope they will return the "SCROLLING" feature in locating the models. (That too is available to only paying members)."

The "technical team" checking out the bugs of the new Corbin Fisher format πŸ™‚