The other porn names of Dante of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Terry)

In 2008, Dante's solo and 6 hard core scenes were released by Corbin Fisher.

Dante_corbinfisher_aka_dantemartin_01 Dante_corbinfisher_aka_dantemartin_02 

He left Corbin Fisher and worked for different studios and used different porn names.

He used the name Dante Fox, such as his work at Falcon Studios.


He used the name Dante Sabel [gallery 01 and 02], such as his work at Colt Studios.


This year, he used the name Dante for his work at Guys In Sweatpants, where he barebacked Lucas Grande.


And, he is now known as Dante Monroe in the latest update at College Dudes, where he topped Taylor Blaise.


23 thoughts on “The other porn names of Dante of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Terry)

  1. He’s been under two other names. I think one is Dante Fox (yeah, I know there’s an older porn star that had that name) and Dante Sabel. I think he was known as Dante Fox on Bad Puppy.

  2. I love his Corbin Fisher scenes, but I think he’s a much better bottom. It’ll be interesting to see how he does topping this guy.

  3. The only other sites I saw him on were Bad Puppy and Titan Media. On Titan Media, he had a flip-flop with Adam Russo.

  4. He was cute. I loved his 3-way with Dawson and Lucas. Never saw the Cade one, though. I always liked Cade so I’ll hunt it down.

  5. I loved “Dante”…My opinion,..”Best African American to appear @ CF to date.” Dante has 7 scenes total if you include his solo … and all were HOT.
    Now according to a commentary @ Pete’s Attic,…Dante was a Win / Lose shot for CF, as many of the Members were caught off-guard with his debut since many associated CF (at that time) as a “Caucasian” College Jock website. I’m certain that still holds true even till today.
    Delighted to see Dante doing more work in PORN…and equally fitting to appear @ CD with is well toned black physique.
    Thank U – Terry and DENZ for shinning the spot-light on another great Corbie. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. The fact that he topped Lucas, arguably CF’s most popular model @ the time was what, IMO freaked out the bigots. Lucas said that it was his 1st time having sex with a Black person of either sex, which freaked some people out on the other side of the “race” spectrum. IMO, Lucas was being honest, & he was really into it. It is one of my favorite scenes @ CF
    Wish he’d return & do scenes with Connor, Kellan & an out of retirement Dawson

  7. It’s so strange in the gay side of porno. Unlike the straight side, the porn stars have different names for different sites/companies/studios.

  8. I agree. Making generic remarks about any group is simple prejudice and in this case racist. Crap like that should not be tolerated in our community.

  9. Once again you simply resort to name calling withou offering any proof. CF has had both men of color and openly gay men as performers. What is either racist or homophobic about that. Either offer proof or stop making cheap shots. They are demeaning and destructive.

  10. wait… I mean ZERO black men now and one token gay guy (Quinn). All other guys who dare to say they prefer men are forced to fuck women.

  11. LOL! Another anonymous clown talking about someone’s looks. Get those sheets ready for the next Klan meeting. Maybe the Grand Wizard will let you go down on him.

  12. He is right tho. Why do you think guys that look similar to him are never ever seen while there area slew of average looking white dudes continuing to get work. These companies know what they are doing — look at your own porn collection for that obvious answer.

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