Distant relatives or brothers? Jeffrey Radden and Ivo Thomas

written by Bo (sent via email)

One of my all-time favorite Eastern European boys was Jeffrey Radden [gallery 01, 02, 03 & 04], who was allegedly from Latvia but is now listed as from the Czech Republic. He was active from around 2004-2008 and was known for cum eating.

Jeffrey_radden_staxus_01 Jeffrey_radden_staxus_02 
Jeffrey_radden_staxus_03 Jeffrey_radden_staxus_04 

Just in the past month, Staxus has promoted Ivo Thomas [gallery], also from the Czech Republic. This one loves to eat cum as well.


Wonder if they are distance relations or closer than that.

Jeffrey_radden_ivo_thomas_01 Jeffrey_radden_ivo_thomas_02