Distant relatives or brothers? Jeffrey Radden and Ivo Thomas

written by Bo (sent via email)

One of my all-time favorite Eastern European boys was Jeffrey Radden [gallery 01, 02, 03 & 04], who was allegedly from Latvia but is now listed as from the Czech Republic. He was active from around 2004-2008 and was known for cum eating.

Jeffrey_radden_staxus_01 Jeffrey_radden_staxus_02 
Jeffrey_radden_staxus_03 Jeffrey_radden_staxus_04 

Just in the past month, Staxus has promoted Ivo Thomas [gallery], also from the Czech Republic. This one loves to eat cum as well.


Wonder if they are distance relations or closer than that.

Jeffrey_radden_ivo_thomas_01 Jeffrey_radden_ivo_thomas_02

6 thoughts on “Distant relatives or brothers? Jeffrey Radden and Ivo Thomas

  1. All the Eastern Europeans have that dead look in their eyes, so that’s why they all look related.

  2. Jeffrey Radden was one of my favorites. I remember when he started with SEVP, a Swedish company, I believe. Their stock in trade was to hire basically poor straight young men from the Baltic countries and Russia to perform gay sex acts, a sort of Broke Straight Boys for Northern Europe. It was pretty awkward stuff but some of the guys were hot. I assume he moved to The Czech Republic later on since that is the capital of porn in Europe, gay or straight. When I was in the CR I heard that he had gotten into drugs pretty heavily and was not doing too well. That would have been 4 or 5 years ago. The resemblance is there but the new guy is not nearly as good looking as Jeffrey was in his prime.

  3. Jeffrey is more beautiful. My sister lives in Germany and says that you cross into the old Eastern Block and everyone starts looking sad. I knew some Hungarians who lived here a long time, went back and people were asking them why they were smiling all the time. It isn’t so obvious in the Bel Ami boys, but they are paid really, really well..

  4. I actually thought so when I first saw this guy but, truth be told, he doesn’t hold a candle to him… J. Radden was too handsome

  5. He was and is one of my all time favorites, I wonder what Jeffrey Radden is doing now in 2015? It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him in anything…like he just disappeared.

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