Edward of Sean Cody is now known as Jacob Peterson (tip @ S4L2011)

Edward was introduced by Sean Cody last March 2014. He had a scene with David, released last July.



He is now known as Jacob Peterson. Last Saturday & Sunday, he did a live cam show via Voyeur Boys on Chaturbate.



7 thoughts on “Edward of Sean Cody is now known as Jacob Peterson (tip @ S4L2011)

  1. He looks better here than on SC. Im a huge ‘David” fan but this was one of the weakest films…having said that David gave him a good pounding!

  2. I’m going to continue my presumption that the guy receiving the penetration is paid $$$ a bit more for taking the “PAIN”…and SC also honors that trend.
    I believe SC-Edward came in for the $$$,..and didn’t enjoy the ANAL experience with David, thus concluding that stretching his anus was not his cup of tea, and said “sayonara” to San Diego.
    It would be a shame to have that nice-uncut-perfectly erect sausage be put to waste performing on live-cam. Hopefully, we’ll see him soon at CF or CM as a TOP. “That would be a delightful Xmas gift”!! LOL!!–“BIG SMILES”!!

  3. I watched his live-cam performance, and he didn’t seem to mind shoving things in his ass then. Also, in his solo video, he says that he never topped, only bottomed. So, he definitely doesn’t mind anal at all.

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