Two scenes of Sebastian Kross were released by Man Royale, one week apart. Both scenes were shot on the same location minus the curtains on the second one. It paired Sebastian with Casey Everett and Anthony Verusso. In both scenes, Sebastian was the top.

Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_01 Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_02
Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_03 Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_04
Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_05 Sebastian_kross_manroyale_hotornot_06

In an interview with QMN, Sebastian stated he was bisexual but the readers disagreed like CastroILY “… He’s straight, or at least that’s what he said. To everyone. Literally EVERYONE. Even if you didn’t ask him, he’d find a way to mention how he was straight…

Now that you’ve watched him in action, is Sebastian hot or not?

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