Is Tanner really out of Corbin Fisher?

I always thought that a Corbin Fisher model has an exclusive contract. If we see him somewhere else, it means his contract has ended. I don’t think this is the case for Tanner.

In 2012, Marco of Fratmen became Tanner of Corbin Fisher. Then last April 2014, Tanner became Phillip Anadarko at Gay Hoopla. But, both studios have been releasing scenes of Tanner aka Phillip up to this month. In fact, last November 03, 2014, they both released a scene of Tanner/Phillip.

Gay Hoopla‘s most recent scene on Phillip Anadarko was released last November 03, 2014.


Corbin Fisher‘s most recent scene on Tanner was released yesterday. It was a bisexual scene, where he was paired with James (aka Paul of SC)


Tanner’s scene with James proves he was still working with Corbin Fisher even if he was already known as Phillip at Gay Hoopla. That scene was filmed last September 2014, according to a tweet by James aka Derek Skeeter/Sky.