Is Tanner really out of Corbin Fisher?

I always thought that a Corbin Fisher model has an exclusive contract. If we see him somewhere else, it means his contract has ended. I don't think this is the case for Tanner.

In 2012, Marco of Fratmen became Tanner of Corbin Fisher. Then last April 2014, Tanner became Phillip Anadarko at Gay Hoopla. But, both studios have been releasing scenes of Tanner aka Phillip up to this month. In fact, last November 03, 2014, they both released a scene of Tanner/Phillip.

Gay Hoopla's most recent scene on Phillip Anadarko was released last November 03, 2014.


Corbin Fisher's most recent scene on Tanner was released yesterday. It was a bisexual scene, where he was paired with James (aka Paul of SC)


Tanner's scene with James proves he was still working with Corbin Fisher even if he was already known as Phillip at Gay Hoopla. That scene was filmed last September 2014, according to a tweet by James aka Derek Skeeter/Sky.


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  1. maybe there is a connection between Fratpad and Corbin Fisher? I think there is a lot of overlap between models.

  2. I don’t think CF models have mandatory contracts. According to their site:
    “In addition to the aforementioned benefits extending to all models,’s exclusive models are offered extra compensation, opportunities, earning potential and privileges in exchange for their exclusivity.”

  3. This “SITUATION” of CF-Tanner working simultaneously for both CF and GH is definitely “HEADLINE NEWS”. The ONLY time I can recall this happening is during the collaboration work of filming 5-Americans In Prague with BelAmi. …and that was 5 years ago. That was also a short lived business relationship when Corbin discovered that George Duroy was also collaborating with Cockboys,…and filmed a scene with Bobby Clark. “Sneaky Ouch”!! LOL!!!
    I agree fully with Gerry…..that Ashton (aka: FM-Marshall / Ace-White @ RB) should return to CF for more rear-end action. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your comment that the co-operation between Corbin Fisher and BelAmi was ended because of CockyBoys is wrong in my opinion. BelAmi has co-operated with other studios and that co-operation is usually a one time project (Kristen Bjorn, CockyBoys and most recently Naked Sword). Models come to the Czech Republic or BelAmi models go abroad and do their scenes. It is not an ongoing business relationship, just a one time project.

  5. I don’t know if these exclusive contracts are such clever marketing anyway. Because of these exclusive contracts I do not know ANY of their models because I have never subscribed to their sites before. And I don’t know if I ever will. Not knowing any of their models means I am not really interested. I like to see my favorite porn stars on different sites because every studio has a different approach. And sometimes I am getting into a porn star the more scenes I see with him – but to be honest the Corbin Fisher models ALL look the same to me. Smooth and clean, handsome yes but not interesting to me.

  6. I hope this is the case. I like that CF has a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive models who com and mix things up now and then. They tend to have more of an edge than their same same same looking contracted models.
    I think back to Haigen Sence–Tayson as he was on CF–they were some hot as fuck scenes and were a welcome addition when CF was becoming too boring to watch.

  7. To my knowledge, all models who work with CF are exclusive to them for 90 days. Those who wish to work with them long term are the ones that get the real exclusivity perks mentioned above. But exclusivity is not mandatory beyond that initial 90 day period.

  8. Tanner despite being a complete fucking DUD during sex is actually very very hot and very in keeping with CF’s aesthetique. I’m not surprised that they have allowed him to go back and forth.
    Of course because of his shorthand with both studios this may be a situation where he is contracted short term to film a set number of scenes with each and we are just seeing an overlap right now of production.
    Dude is hot but what’s disappointing is that in the trailer for the BI threesome with James….he’s barely even hard and there’s vag present which is supposed to be his stock in trade since he’s straight and he can’t even muster a boner (or that may have something to do with the attractiveness of the female).
    MEANWHILE….BRING BACK GUYSGONEBI!!!!! These clips are so damn hot!!!! But I’m not willing to join ACS to see sporadic clips.

  9. Enjoy your assessment Alias4,-“THANK YOU”!!! …and fully agree it would be nice to see GUYSGONEBI…back, which featured some of the hottest “threesome” (aka: Bi Tag Team) scenes from CF.
    GGBi had 17 Exclusive scenes of which 13 were re-featured as ACS-Bonuses up till April 2014. (None of the exclusive scenes that featured Sean III were re-posted @ ACS …probably attributed to his passing. R.I.P)
    Hope this “threesome” is an indication that CF-ACS is returning to featuring B.T.T on a regular interval. In Sept we had Tyler/Colt/Jamie-Bi-3-Way., then Oct, it was Noel & Jamie Teasing Brayden which was an unscheduled mid week BONUS update,….and then this THREESOME which was posted as a possible substitute to CF’s regular CFSelect update for Friday. ” Sneaky, Sneaky, – Corbin Fisher “!! LOL!!
    BTW: Anyone interested as to who the “LADIES” STARS are….you can browse their profiles at CF’s COED website which also list all of the Str8 sex scenes found at ACS.
    Love your critique of “JAMES”‘s lack of BONER. Didn’t seem to have any problem keeping an erection @ SC fucking guys. LOL!!

  10. Not sure this Tanner/Phillip is very straight. He usually looks lost in the delights of bottoming in his scenes. Of his 17 scenes on CF, he fucked 2 guys: Jon & Blake at the beginning of his tenure there. He fucked Tiffany in his one guy/girl scene. In all the rest, he was the hungry bottom. He even bottomed for Brayden! He mostly has bottomed at GayHoopla, although the one with Tyler Hansen was a flip. If he was straight in the CF bi scene, you would have thought the two guys would have taken turns at the girl, then got down to what everyone one is waiting for, i.e., bottoming for the top. That seems to be the way the earlier CFS bi scenes were done and they were hot.

  11. In other gay hoopla news this week, Dimitri was chatting on chaturbate in a room for a hot young blonde German (Peeda, tiny dick but the most beautiful guy alive) room and he was asked about JJSwift, he said he “dissapeared” and used the sad face emocon.
    I am guessing that’s his polite way of saying he walked away from porn for good, he was complimentary about JJ though and said that he was one of the few bottoms who could take his dick without a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am guessing based on JJ’s last tweets being related to a dying relative, something family related influenced his decision. I’m surprised he hasn’t deleted his twitter though.

  12. I too have wondered about JJ Swift. We haven’t seen him in a while and he last twitted in June, I think.
    So he disappeared? Hmmm…..I miss that angelic faced boy. I hope he is alright. I wanted him and Jayden to get married.

  13. I hope JJ Swift is well. I know that when I was watching his porn scenes, I was looking at one of the most beautiful asses in porn.

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