Ivan, Danny Klein, Jack Styles, Chad Pitt or Jamie Pavel?

Ivan at Sean Cody

  Newguy_ivan_seancody_01 Newguy_ivan_seancody_02

Danny Klein at Gay Hoopla

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Newguy_dannyklein_gayhoopla_03 Newguy_dannyklein_gayhoopla_04

Jack Styles at Lucas Entertainment

Newguy_jackstyles_lucasent_01 Newguy_jackstyles_lucasent_02

Chad Pitt is the new guy at Next Door World. Fellow porn fan (Zane) thinks he is familiar “… it’s been driving me nuts where I’ve seen this guy before.  I’m pretty sure he’s done some sort of mainstream / non-porn work but I can’t place it.  Maybe a soap opera?  Do you or any of your readers know where else we might have seen him?


Jamie Pavel at Randy Blue

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