Ivan VS Danny Klein VS Jack Styles VS Chad Pitt VS Jamie Pavel

Ivan [profile] is the new guy at Sean Cody

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Danny Klein [video preview] is the new guy at Gay Hoopla

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Jack Styles was introduced this month by Lucas Entertainment, where two of his scenes were released.

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Chad Pitt [gallery] is the new guy at Next Door World. Fellow porn fan, Zane, thinks he is familiar "… it's been driving me nuts where I've seen this guy before.  I'm pretty sure he's done some sort of mainstream / non-porn work but I can't place it.  Maybe a soap opera?  Do you or any of your readers know where else we might have seen him?"


Jamie Pavel [gallery] is the new guy at Randy Blue

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15 thoughts on “Ivan VS Danny Klein VS Jack Styles VS Chad Pitt VS Jamie Pavel

  1. For me its a close call between Ivan of SC, with his beautiful muscled body and great Abs and Danny Klein of GayHoopla, with his soft blue eyes and muscles. If I had to choose one I would vote for Ivan.

  2. I find it funny that the last guy claims he is bisexual. He looks like the gayest person in the entire world.

  3. Have to go with Ivan – hot, ripped stud – plus in the BTS section of his video, he identifies as gay!!
    @Matt – I totally agree about Mr. Pavel, he was VERY engaging in his video, it was a decent solo to watch, but my gaydar was pinging all over the place!

  4. I love these EASY PICKING Polls…. It’s definitely DANNY @ GH… and if he doesn’t make it in PORN,..he could certainly do well as a Fashion Model.
    Danny has beautiful piecing BLUE eyes. 🙂 🙂

  5. You and I have a very different view of what is hot! Danny is super sexy, damn hot actually, but so are a lot of the models at GH you have anal sex. Maxx Summerfield, and others. SC often has one off models, hell every site that offers solo’s has one of episodes. The ratio is a hell of lot lower at GH!

  6. Ivan, Danny and Jack are all extremely hot. All very nice. The last two? Jack Style is unattractive and kind of trashy looking, but then all of Next Door models and exclusives are now. After the way they treat models got around, they’ve had trouble signing anybody but pudgy, thick, awkward looking models. Pavel just doesn’t do it for me.

  7. I really don’t think that’s true at all. I’d say that GH has a much lower ratio. I’ll admit that while Danny is the hottest one, I doubt he’ll come back or even IF he will, it would just be another episode of ABHORRENT gay sex at GH. No one I’ve seen at GH actually enjoy it (or at the very least feign to). The new models always look like they’re about to vomit when another guy touch them. Even the more experienced and comfortable ones look extremely bored during sex.

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