Johnny Rapid’s porn work before working for (tips @ Nick & Thomas)

Johnny Rapid is always associated with his work at MEN. Currently, he has 114 scenes listed to his name.


He did film a gay scene besides MEN. He was one of the guys in Cameron Davis' Christmas Wish from Bukkake Boys. It was a bareback scene but Johnny only got a blow job.


Johnny's first scene at MEN was in 2011. It was also the same year that his Bukkake scene was released.

UPDATE Just found out Queer Fever did a better job with Johnny's porn work prior to Men. He did 9 scenes at Bukkake Boys and 2 scenes at Boy's First Time.

15 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid’s porn work before working for (tips @ Nick & Thomas)

  1. I’m a big Johnny Rapid fan. “Still Crazy After All These Scenes”. If he averaged $1500.00 a scene and has done 114 scenes = $171,000.00. Hope he has made that much and is using or investing it wisely.

  2. Over 4 years = 42,750 minus 25% for taxes and stuff = 32,000~
    And this is the hardest working man in the biz. I hope he has a second job.

  3. Yeah he’s in more than one Bukkake Boys clip. He also has one or two scenes at Boys First Time one of which is with Micah Andrews, I think.

  4. And he has a wife and two kids to support!
    Do you think Rocco Reed made USD$50,000 for each of his scene?

  5. I would hope he is getting paid more money for scenes where he is taking multiple dicks. He has also done work foe Boys First Time where he fucked MicahAndrews.

  6. Rocco did not make $50k for his men scenes. I am sure he was paid well when he was gangbanged by those black cocks, but nothing near $50k.

  7. Rob Black said that Rocco made like 50k working for I’m sure he was paid well since he was on contract with them.

  8. I was going to ask–does he kiss over in his earlier vids? But, I really didn’t care he’s so terribly boring and used.

  9. Johnny probably does have other jobs. A lot of popular gay porn models make paid appearances at Gay Clubs.

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