Michael Lucas on his duck face, fake cum shot, being bullied by gay adults…

Michael Lucas, owner of Lucas Entertainment, was asked by Alias74 to respond to the comments and his review on Michael's scene with Tomas Brand

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First, thank you very much for the post.
I appreciate your concern about the comments.
I never read the comments section on blogs or engage in conversation as there never seems to be enough time in the day to do so.
I started the company when I was 25 and that was 16 years ago. I went from a one-man show to a 20-person corporate office in Manhattan.
So, I am quite busy to say the least. I would never get anything done if I obsess with all the negative things people have to say.

Most people who make comments, weather it's porn or mainstream, are negative.
Look at any post about any celebrity. (And I am far from being a celebrity) You will see that most comments are nasty and ugly. So, you know what, if Madonna can take it then I can take it too. 🙂

What matters is the fact that anytime a blogger makes a post we receive a great number of new members that subscribe to the site and that's what makes the business grow.
If someone thinks that I am ugly and look like a duck, that's fine. I love ducks, I even had one as a pet as a kid at my family's country house in Russia.


Regarding the cum shot. I have been a performer for 16 years and I am not proud that I cum prematurely. My first reaction was to actually hide it. I whispered it to Tomas and apparently you could hear it. It was not addressed to the viewers. The rule of porn: if you are going to cum then say it out loud, "I am gonna cum."

But, I couldn't help it, I was really into Tomas.
Tomas and I had dinner together early in the evening and really hit it off. We headed back to location and asked the camera man to shoot an extra scene which, was shot within an hour.

Obviously, we couldn't show an entire hour and because I cum prematurely it took me 20 minutes to give a second cum shot. I tortured poor Tomas with trying several positions. From sitting on my face to kissing to talking dirty. That is the only thing that is cut out.

In fact, we try to film every scene in as few takes as possible, unlike other studios who take 12-16 hours for 1 scene with endless amounts of cuts with the scene being glued together.

When I worked for Falcon, some scenes were shot over the course of two-days.


Our shoot's never go for more then 2-3 hour. Unless, it's a group scene. Those usually, take up to 3-4 hours. It depends on how many models are in the scene.

If you look at my scenes you will see there are no takes. So, all this conversation about faking it is ridiculous.

Side note – When I was kid I was often bullied because of my tiny frame and huge lips. I was gay without even knowing it. Kids are cruel towards something different and I was constantly made fun of.  I find it amusing that I am now being bullied by gay adults.

The difference is that as a kid I was insecure and vulnerable. As an adult I am comfortable with myself so, if people have nothing better to do then god bless them.

Michael Lucas

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37 thoughts on “Michael Lucas on his duck face, fake cum shot, being bullied by gay adults…

  1. oops negative comment coming but when Michael Lucas is full of shit – boy man o man is he full of shit. his scenes take hours to shoot and the closeups are done at different times than his long shots. they do still photography and then have to copy what they did in the stills or vice versa. which is why everything looks so boring and unnatural. now with the barebacking it’s just a second rate imitation of Dark Alley, SX and Treasure Island. oh woe is he and his premature ejaculation. Zzzzzzzzz.

  2. Nobody’s perfect, so I don’t condone comments about anyone’s looks. However, he consistently comes across as an arrogant a-hole.
    If he feels that reputation is unfounded and solely based on people’s jealousy, then as we say in the south: “Bless his heart.”

  3. LOL.
    Maybe he should’ve been more specific and asked about his “internal cumshots”
    That shit looks like Elmer’s Glue.

  4. I’m not a fan of Michael Lucas, but he is correct when he says: ” Most people who make comments, whether it’s porn or mainstream are negative.”So the smartest thing for doers to do is IGNORE the comments sections and live your life on your own terms.

  5. I have never really liked or disliked Michael Lucas – to be honest, he had never been much on my radar until his studio started to do bb porn. I also find him quite handsome. However, I do not believe that he completely ignores comments because he just recently wrote a long response for The Sword to an interview that Chad Hunt did. If he really didn’t care for other people’s comments then why would he write such a long response? On the other hand, it shows that he hurt by the negative comments because he describes them as “bullying.” He says he is not bullied by gay adults. While I admit that some comments may come off as bullying, I think the majority of comments on the internet are just people expressing their opinions. There is a huge difference. Not every negative comment is bullying. And sometimes negative comments are even constructive criticism which, if taken to heart, could help people improve their business/career/etc.

  6. I think he’s a good-looking guy, and I would love to suck that big cock of his. But yeah, something about him just turns me off at the same time. He’s just so full of it.

  7. Well, Alias74, I hope that ML at least comped your sub to his site for your troubles! ;P
    But his choice of a main line of defense for his studio’s output, “we knock ’em out in a couple of hours contrary to all those sites that take days (Sean Cody much)”, is really strange!
    I’d much rather go for the producers that take the time to film a really great product rather than the ones that mass produce porn with little care about how it was done or what it will look like.
    I hope that that newly minted free subscription doesn’t mean we’re going to be swamped by reviews for LE. 🙂 His political/societal views and business practices mean I’ll never check out his site.

  8. I do not see why people see him as arrogant or why anyone would care about his lips or possible ‘surgeries’. It all sounds like catty bitchy fem gossip.
    Its wild because he is openly gay and clearly enjoys working with the guys he employes while you have studios like CF,SC,Men who employs guys who openly and heavily bash gay people (even the studios themselves are passively anti-gay) and yet you guys FLOCK to them and throw them your money.
    Its the wildest thing to me.
    Gay people seem comfortable and very happy when it comes to straight people directing and making GAY SEX for them. Even all of the performers have to be straight for you to be happy. I dont get it! Its so twisted.
    Anyway. Michael Lucas has my support.
    Fuck I just wish I owned my own porno studios–its a fantasy of mines!

  9. I read gay blogs regularly but I still haven’t really understood what is people’s problem with ML. I’m genuinely curious, why the hate?

  10. For me, I do find Michael Lukas handsome, but not sexy. I do not wish to see him in sex scenes, but sometime the actor opposite is very sexy, so I have to watch…lol. I try to avoid that if possible.
    But Mr Lucas is more than just his face or body. In fact he is probably the most important gay porn producer, not because of his studio, but more because of his high profile and other interests. I don’t we will see any other gay porn studio owner who will produce important documentaries about gay life in Russia or Israel. Lucas has certainly made his mark.
    I am glad he moved to bareback. As he says, bareback is more natural and sexy. He is right, and I just do not understand why other big studios bother with condoms. Every time I look at a condom movie or scene it looks fake-fake-fake. Much more than an made-up cum shot. Condoms are just not sexy. and with PreP and Trouvada I don’t see the problem of the other studios just completing the move and getting rid of it all together.
    The only problem with bareback at the moment are the models. It seems that the best models still choose to perform with condoms, and what you get mostly is sleazy looking, washed up hookers with tons of ugly tattoos and facial and body hair. Quite unattractive.
    One prominent example is an actor called Marcus Isaacs. This Marcus has many bareback scenes, but there is only ONE scenes that he made for Lucas that I can really watch. In that particular scene he was actually almost clean shaven, and my goodness, he was smoking hot. All other scenes he was with a rather ugly looking full blown beard. So unattractive, and a shame, because he is so naturally beautiful man, but we simply can’t see it. I sincerely hope that this hideous toilette brush beards will go out of fashion quickly.
    That’s why Chaosmen is still my favorite studio at the moment. Brian knows who to pick and how they should look like in a scene, and on most parts it works. and it’s bareback, which is good.

  11. Not to be contrary, but I have a lot of positive things to say about Michael and his company. I think he’s incredibly sexy and I almost always love his sex scenes. He seems into the guys he’s paired with and that always makes for great porn. I’m not wild about the fact that Lucas Entertainment is now doing bareback porn after his very long-standing opposition to bareback sex. My personal opinion is that it sets a bad example and while use of Truvada may prevent transmission of HIV, it does not prevent other STIs– so I don’t buy the argument that Truvada is meant to make bareback sex “safe” (whatever that means). Used in conjunction with condoms I’d be more comfortable with it as another weapon in the fight against transmission of HIV and other STIs. I think Lucas Entertainment turned out some extraordinary porn while under the strict-condom-use era. And for those who wanted more kink certainly should have been more than happy with Lucas’ “raunch” product line. If the decision to use bareback product was (as Michael has intimated) a business decision, then that concerns me. It makes me wonder how many folks are using Lucas’ product as their lead in their personal lives. I know that producers like Lucas (and many, many others to be fair) want to believe that this provides a fantasy outlet for those men who may otherwise bareback in their private lives. However, I’m not sure how or if we can know it’s effective like that. I think we have to consider that some men may be mimicking that behavior. Further, if they don’t know Truvada is being used by the cast, or if they don’t have access to it as do Lucas’ models (I’m hoping they do anyway), then we’re not going to see a lessening of new HIV infections anytime soon. I know it’s a bit unfair to post this with regard to a story about Michael Lucas– especially when a plethora of other companies are turning out condom-less product: Chaos Men, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody….etc. I think for me I just had more disappointment when Lucas Entertainment made that shift, because Michael was such a strong supporter of condoms for so long. Having said that, I admire his business sense and passion for so many gay-related issues not associated with porn, per se. Even when I don’t agree with him at least he has the balls to speak his mind and do so from a fairly well-educated standpoint. How’s that for ending on a positive note?!

  12. I avoid his site because he’s a hypocrite. Refusing to hire actors that had ever done bareback, constant comments about how wrong it is, and his company will never do it…..until he saw the money he could make!

  13. He isn’t an ugly man. But his appearance is made worse by his personality and shitty attitude. I don’t find him sexually appealing and don’t want to see him in his videos. One day he’ll be gone and forgotten, and the gay world will be better off for it.

  14. LMAO! The biggest bully there ever was, complaining about how he’s being bullied! You can’t make this shit up.

  15. I don’t think “duckface” means what he thinks it means.
    It’s not that he has big lips. It’s that he intentionally pooches them out every chance he gets, as if it were sexy or attractive in the least bit.
    He needs to Google duckface so he can see all the pictures of obnoxious drunk girls making duckface so that he knows what it means and then maybe he will stop making duckface.
    DUCKFACE: https://www.google.com/search?q=duckface&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=-8BeVKLPIYafyQTQzoCwCg&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1440&bih=779

  16. Right? I think demanding someone (a satirist, no less) be fired because you don’t like what they say about you/your company is the epitome of bullying.
    Michael Lucas has always struck me as such a delicate little flower and a fragile little egg…
    How someone can have such a big ego yet be so weak of character all at the same time is baffling.

  17. Or having your ex pull strings at the local glbt community center, because you don’t agree with someone’s opinion on Palestine, to remove their talk.
    What happened to free speech?
    The best part of this is the fact he says he had a pet duck at his family country home…I thought Micheal was a self made man who had no money or resources from an oppressive communist government.
    Read between the lines everyone, it is full of bullshit!

  18. He almost always seems to have an arrogant/haughty look on his face which may cause some people to want to bring him down.

  19. Lucas’ response barely addressed the issues that myself and others posted after Alias74’s review. While I never posted any personal negative comments regarding Lucas – actually I think he is pretty hot physically, but his politics and personality leave a bit to be desired. Name calling is counterproductive.
    The question still remains – Why does Lucas use fake cum in his scenes? Does he think we are so stupid not to know the difference???? It’s insulting – as a gay man himself, he should know better!
    Also Alias74 went on a diatribe about not being a “lackey” to any studio, but HE personally contacted Lucas to read his review and respond on Denz’s blog – sounds like a conflict of interest to me!

  20. I thought the same thing about Alias74. No matter how much he protests, I think he lost a lot of credibility. Just hope he got to wipe all MJ’s cum off his face when they were done.

  21. I guess it’s an attempt to reduce the transmission rates.
    Also, it shows up on screen better than regular cum.
    Also, using fake cum can simulate a larger quantity as some might find it hot.

  22. Hypocrites don’t follow their own logic! It is contradictory, making announcements to people whose opinions don’t matter, about the fact they don’t matter.

  23. lol Thank you Zach from Str8UpGayPorn for bringing this article to our attention. Yes it is amusing that the biggest bully in gay porn is crying about how he was bullied as a child. If people don’t understand what the deal is with Michael Lucas, then I suggest you go to TheSword and other blogs, even a google search, and his name will come up with all sorts mess he was involved in, and that he started.
    You will get stories like his back and forth emails and blog posts with Collin O’Neal, the lawsuits between him and Owen Hawk from Dark Alley about Lucas preventing porn shops from selling Dark Alley products and having them banned from a gay porn expo after Lucas became a sponsor, how he bullied many award shows from banning Brent Corrigan because he considered him a “bad influence,” his support for Mitt Romney, a Republican who is against gay marriage, as president AND even donating money to his party, his hypocrisy on getting every barebacking studio banned from every award shows and every expo/events because they’re bareback, yet he has made the move to bareback as well.
    Oh and he likes to think he doesn’t spend a lot of time on blogs, well he spends A LOT of time on them whether it’s in his own name or as some accused him of doing, in an anonymous name. He may have produced some good porn, but all of that means nothing when the studio is owned by a character like him with a through and through nasty Russian mentality.

  24. Well said, sxg and accurate. I would only add that the “Russian mentality” you mention is evidenced by a particular form of competition, i.e. attack your competitor rather than working hard to put out a better product. Though I have always found ML sexually attractive, his business and personal ethical vacuum leaves me cold. He’s sort of. Putin lite. “I’m not a bully, I was bullied.” ML “I didn’t invade the Ukraine, they attacked me.” VP

  25. It’s more of a “Russian Jew” mentality. Steal from your neighbors while emphatically accusing them of being robbers.

  26. Actually after reading your specific response to my review as well as others on that post about faking a cumshot and cum, I sent an email to Lucas asking him to respond to those allegations given that the comments such as yours were similar to those of comments I have read on other blogs in the past.
    THAT is not a conflict of interest. I am NOT paid for my reviews by any of the studios. I WISH a blog or ezine would pay me to do porn reviews so that at least I could pay my porn subscriptions monthly. Oh…and I wish a studio would comp me to review their scenes but guess what? 1) I don’t receive compensation from any studio and 2) direct compensation from a studio would be a conflict of interest. Films are screened for critics but critics are not PAID by the studio for their reviews.
    And not that I really need to justify what I do and my credibility but I had hoped to start a blog and generate enough money from affiliate sales to at least pay for my subscriptions. Corbin Fisher REFUSES to make me an affiliate after multiple requests. I can only guess it is because I am honest and critical in my reviews….and yes, I sent them a link to my work.

  27. Right. I still remember how mean he was to Richie Fine in a scene they did together. Richie’s bottomed before but clearly he wasn’t used to taking a dick the size of ML’s. ML was not gentle with him at all.

  28. I’m more than willing to admit my dislike of Michael Lucas stems mainly from pure, unadulterated jealousy. Just last month he fucked Dato Foland AND Tomas Brand. It’s just not fair, lol…
    But seriously- I wouldn’t feel so gross about it if his scenes didn’t involve so much ‘porn talk’ that feels geared towards making it seem like the models are actually into him as a person, rather than the owner of the studio that’s paying them to have sex.
    I’m willing to suspend a fair amount of “Oh, yeah! Fuck me with your huge cock” talk that happens in scenes, but when Michael Lucas is involved, it somehow always ends up with his partners saying “I love you” or “You’re amazing”… It makes me super uncomfortable, to be honest.

  29. These gay porn blogs are analogous to the focus groups that big business uses to find out how their product will sell. Any businessperson flogging porn will be keenly interested in how their product is perceived. It is not good forward planning to wait until your product doesn’t sell for whatever reason that you could have known simply by paying attention to what the bloggers have to say.
    Each of the blogs has a different perspective. This one seems to have the best conversations. Str8up makes a good effort at preventing personalities in the porn industry from taking themselves as seriously as they would like. Nothing is serious in this industry. The Sword does the same, with the benefit of some interesting interviews where we can read interviews providing “insight” into some of the participants. Above all, the rule of believing next-to-nothing of what you read must prevail with all of it.
    Alias74’s reviews are well done. You don’t have to agree with them, but they are there for consideration. Probably a lot of people use them as guidance whether or not to download/purchase scenes/memberships.

  30. See, to me that’s a much more interesting story (Fisher’s refusal to give you any kind of help) than helping ML to air another round of his delusion/half-truths/lies like he always does!
    I think you need an editor to help you choose your articles and I hope you didn’t feel too “bullied” by our comments 😉

  31. As an example, you did a great job in exposing the fake fucking in the Colt/Truman clip. I’ve still got the original one, downloaded before they edited out that bit. Clearly, they do take notice of your reviews. Otherwise they would not have rushed to fix it.
    I look forward to the next review. (No doubt the producer will, too.)

  32. He was brilliantly funny to listen to on Sirius OutQ Satellite Radio whenever he was on. I find him attractive but he doesn’t turn me on. I would love to discuss opera with him. He is very opinionated, which gets him into trouble. I think some of the hatred of him is because he is most definitely a gay gay man, not a gay4pay guy like most want. He is definitely a pushy New Yorker which doesn’t rub many the right way.

  33. ML is not american! He has never gotten full citizenship. He has to leave the country every three months to renew his visitation visa. His marriage was not legal.

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