14 thoughts on “POLL Johnny Rapid as a top or a bottom?

  1. Johnny Rapid (along with Hunter Page) are two of my Ultra-Favorite TWINK in the industry. While we all know him to be VERSATILE, .. he does an exceptional job as a BOTTOM. … and in my opinion, nothing less than a 4-Star performance.
    I personally give Johnny a 10-Star for marrying a very understanding/accommodating woman that permits him to continue his career in the PORN industry. With 121 scenes @ Men.com,..I’m certain he’s made a small fortune offering his ANUS for the right price. “BIG SMILES”!
    “Long Live J.R. @ Men.com”!!!!

  2. I’m a big Johnny Rapid fan. Love his lean body, boyish face, plump butt and big headed cock that arches upward. Johnny should only bottom. Johnny may just be natures perfect bottom.

  3. He would be my supreme pornstar if he either fed someone his cum or he ate some.Men.com is too vanilla for me. He is gorgeous and charismatic.

  4. Ohhh please personally is much better Joey, he is more masculine, with more muscle and he always looks better being top that bottom and the best of all is gay !!! than Johnny Rapid that he is G4P

  5. I like Johnny but he needs to add some new moves to his repertoire. Luckily he can easily do it b/c he’s been so limited thus far. Like, he can add kissing for example. It’d be nice if he jumped into cum-eating too. Both are fairly tame acts I expect to see from a guy who’s been in way over 100 scenes. All of the flexibility and DP’s are nice…but if he’s already shown us all he has to offer I dunno how much longer I’ll remain interested.

  6. He’s one trillion percent a bottom…well, just a receptacle really. I’m amazing that boy doesn’t suck up the furniture, he’s been opened so wide, so many times.

  7. Like Johnny Rapid but kind of getting over him it seems he is always in every second or third release, glad to know he is getting steady work, but seriously kind of an over saturation in my point.

  8. If he didn’t have kids, I’m STAGGERED that he’s with a woman…although I wouldn’t put past there being a strap-on and a turkey baster involved in the relationship.

  9. I have looked far and wide for a scene where someone eats Johnny Rapid’s cum and I have found it in a scene where he is DP’ed:

    Edited by Men of Porn: I had to remove the link. To air on the side of caution, it might violate my terms of agreement with Typepad. I hope you understand.
    The scene John talked about was titled Johnny in a box 2.

  10. Your survey shows just how popular Johnny is. 463 like him and 251 don’t. That’s more than 2 to 1. A landslide in any poll.

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