Reed aka Jack White is now Broderick of Chaos Men (tip @ Michael)

He was first known as Reed of Broke Straight Boys in 2011. He became Jack White at Bait Buddies this year.

Reed_bsb_aka_jackreed_aka_broderick_chaosmen_02 Reed_bsb_aka_jackreed_aka_broderick_chaosmen_03 

He is now the new guy at Chaos Men as Broderick "Broderick has done video work before, but I feel like it is the first time he has been shot "professionally". He still seems like a newbie and is unsure about it all. I think he just needed a bit more direction and confidence, especially when working in a multi-cam environment. In other words, I had to tell him pretty much what to do, so unlike some guys who have done video work before, he needed coaching."

Reed_bsb_aka_jackreed_aka_broderick_chaosmen_04 Reed_bsb_aka_jackreed_aka_broderick_chaosmen_05 

7 thoughts on “Reed aka Jack White is now Broderick of Chaos Men (tip @ Michael)

  1. My compliments to Bryan @ CM….for the exceptional PHOTOS of Broderick….proving that good photography can enhance a porn-stars career. Hope to see more of him in a dual-scene at Chaosmen.
    Thanks Michael…for the TIP. 🙂 🙂

  2. There is something sexy/edgy/dangerous about his look.
    Like “do you wanna fuck me” or “do you wanna kill me”…

  3. can’t really argue with the first time filmed professionally comment from chaos men. I think he’s kind of cute.

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