15 thoughts on “Who did it better with Tanner (aka Phillip): Corbin Fisher or Gay Hoopla?

  1. Tyler Hunt is sexy as fuck! Sheridan is not even close to Tyler’s scale of attractiveness, but Sheridan clearly is better at fucking. It’s a toss up, depending on what you want. Two hot guys going at it or one hot guy getting plowed nice and proper by some average looking dude who somehow found his way in to porn.

  2. Tyler really only has the option to bottom, it is embarrassing to watch his chaturbate shows with his various partners and none of them can keep an erection for longer than a few seconds.
    I am sure he had to have a ton of viagra for this scene.

  3. I’m going to SPLIT this question and focus purely on CF-TANNER/GH-PHILLIP….and since he bottomed for both Studios….I’ve got to favor his CF performance due to the videography.
    I viewed both clips…and porn is also about “Chemistry”.. My opinion is Tanner did better with Rowan barebacking….oppose to his anal with Tyler Hanson.
    This was a difficult VOTING,…since I favor all 4 of the candidates.
    THANKS … DENZ, for kicking off my Monday with a “Difficult Choice”. LOL!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hardly a difficult choice. The really poor technical quality of the Gayhoopla clip and their continuing incompetence when it comes to filming gay sex is still painfully evident. Phillip/Tanner deserves a lot better treatment and he gets it at Corbin Fisher.

  5. While I agree the quality at Gayhoopla is pretty terrible, they consistently manage to recruit really hot models.
    Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher could take some tips from Gayhoopla in recruiting guys! CF in particular, the lack of variety is disappointing and the endless Brayden videos are boring. He’s the new Josh!

  6. I don’t have a subscription to GayHoopla, so I’ve only seen photos. However, I almost always like what CF does.

  7. I vote neither… tanner goes limp in both…. CF is going through the motions and is boring and Gayhoopla is even worse! asking this question is like asking which talentless actor is better… A or b. Neither, they both sucked. Gay porn keeps pushing out crap, tasteless but consistent crap.. Kind of like McDonalds does with Hamburger.

  8. The problem is that on none of these sites do they actually have a top that appreciates the bottom they are working with. At this point i cannot expect much out of Tanner or what ever his name is now–but I feel like with a strong top any of these scenes could be hot but they wanna just hire two ‘straight’ guys to have gay sex and expect a hot scene. Uhhh passion–rare as fuck on the gay side of porn.

  9. JASON401 – RIGHT ON! I don’t have a subscription to Gayhoopla but frankly I don’t know what the “hoopla” is all about because the men are hot but they are SEX DUDS vs. sex scuds!
    Meanwhile…that clip of Tanner with Rowan at CF? I have never seen Tanner get fucked so hard, so fast, so DEEP before! Frankly that clip is GOLD and WANK WORTHY primarily because of Rowan’s stellar top performance but also because I guess Tanner has just accepted he’s better as a limp-dicked, occassionaly hard bottom than he is a limp-dicked, occassionaly hard top.

  10. I’m afraid you’re right about the identity of ceem. Whoever it is, it is one troubled individual.

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