The Rosso TWINS “developed from a single fertilized ovum”

I just got an email from the owners of MEN that I should remove the 2 posts on Luca and Liam Rosso that used the word that meant they are a pair who developed from a single fertilized ovum and therefore have the same genotype and usually resemble each other closely 🙂

Developed- from-a-single-fertilized-ovum_01

"Our Billing Compliance team has identified the following violation(s) of our Terms and Conditions. Please have the below corrected in the next 5 days and reply to us when completed. The following page references "The Rosso Twins"; no longer advertises these performers using the term "twins" and therefore requests that they are changed to the names of the performers."

Developed- from-a-single-fertilized-ovum_02

Is making a post of not calling them the T word not allowed too?

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  1. Uh. I don’t see the point? Unless they are in trouble of having ‘brothers’ and ‘twins’ having sexual act in the same scene?

  2. WOW!!!…..I don’t see the POINT either….as both these brothers were promoted as TWINS from the days they first appeared @ Fratmen,…and then moved on to be Corbies @ CF….still referred as Twin Brothers.
    SO WTF?? is issue?? Are they attempting to promote them as individual models?? …. If so,..why does Liam and Luca continue to use the same last name. Besides,..the ” L & L ” names are carry overs when both worked at CF. Is insinuating that by calling them TWINS….they are promoting INCEST. ??? … which is a dirty word in America. LOL!!!
    Since we are on the topic of these TWINS,…. I read somewhere that one brother is GAY (and popped is cherry) and the other is STR8 and yet to be initiated. I can’t remember which one was admittedly gay. I think it was Luca.
    Gosh if this is an issue…. then there’s NO HOPE on ever having the Visconti Triplets appearing @ LOL!!!

  3. It sounds like their legal department is telling them to avoid use of the term “twins”. Maybe trying to avoid unwanted attention from some overzealous Bible-belt prosecutor or something?

  4. How does their billing compliance team’s problem with the term “twin” effect you calling them twins?
    See… i’ve just done it myself. Twins. Twins. Twins. Twins. Twins.
    should i expect an email?

  5. Because every time someone clicks on a link from this blog, and all of the other porn blogs, and is directed to said porn site, the blog gets paid a referral fee.

  6. I don’t know if these twins are in a scene together with but if they are and they touch each other’s privates or kiss then it is considered incest. Credit card companies do not like this and threaten to stop doing business with this company. BelAmi had the same problem with the Peters twins. All the scenes where the Peters twins had sex with each other had to be removed from the BelAmi website.

  7. I don’t know how they wrap their minds around having sex with each other. I don’t have a brother but I certainly has cousins ( besides them being straight ) I could never. The closest we ever came to such a thing was we got oral from the same female but they where a bit older than I was at the time and still its no where near what some of these porno brothers/twins have done.

  8. Is this some twisted, PC joke?
    As the old saying goes: “Just calling a spade a spade.”
    They’re TWINS. End of story.

  9. I think it might have to do with the models themselves.
    I think they were feuding for a while because the gay one was mean to the straight one’s girlfriend. Or maybe it was the straight one was mean to the gay one’s boyfriend. One of those. But I think the gay one (Luca?) ended up with a mugshot.

  10. I don’t think they have ever had sex with each other on screen. They have had sex with a third guy together. They had a particularly hot scene with Johnny Rapid. At one point they do take turns passing Johnny’s cock back and forth, while they are each giving him head. While that’s technically not having sex with each other. It is damn close.

  11. if they don’t want obviously identical twins listed as twins then they shouldn’t hire them in the first place or at the very least not use them in the same scene together.

  12. Not entirely true. There is referral fee if the surfer becomes a member of the site. Pay per click does not exist anymore in gay porn affiliate programs.

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