Charlie Pattinson of Randy Blue is now Miles at Corbin Fisher (tip @ GMan)

Charlie Pattinson was introduced [gallery] by Randy Blue last June 2014 and he had a scene [gallery] released last September with Justin Owen.



He is the new guy at Corbin Fisher where he was given the name Miles. His intro had Kellan suck his cock.




Charlie VS Miles


22 thoughts on “Charlie Pattinson of Randy Blue is now Miles at Corbin Fisher (tip @ GMan)

  1. A disappointment at Randy Blue so i doubt he will be better at CF.
    Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody have the same problem, they can’t find the right models to
    replace the popular old ones that have left.

  2. 1) Stop the duck lips/blue steel….you are not being shot by Avedon.
    2) For a tall guy, the cock really seems small.
    3) Not really a criticism but I wasn’t expecting his cock to be so dark. (sorry I have to laugh at myself over this….it really doesn’t matter but it was a shock).
    4) I wrote a review of the Corbin Fisher scene for my “soon to go up but I’ve been saying this for about a year now but keep getting sidetracked and it never happens but I swear it will” review blog. Here’s the gist:
    – Miles is a TALKER, both in the interview (there is literally NO DEAD AUDIO SPACE!) and during the beej where is prone to the usual “fuck yeah”, “you like it, don’t you”, “taste my cock” stuff. He is damn cute though but even for a short clip (21 minutes) eventually I was like “You’re hot….SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
    – It’s a surprise that he came from Randy Blue because the douchebaggery that comes off during the interview feels like he’s more at home on BSB or like NDS.
    – We get a couple nice unbroken takes – the first of which is the interview through the first portion of the blowjob (start to 12:55) wherein we get a fucking real time snake charm (Miles starts limp and gets hard while we watch – so rare these days).
    – Kellan is clearly mastering giving head – he sucks, deep throats with aplomb and even has a signature move I christen the “Kellan” (furiously licking and rolling his quite flexible and long tongue over the head of Miles’ cock).
    – #RIMFAIL – Though we get hot closeups of Miles’ pretty mangina, Kellan appears to lick and kiss EVERYWHERE but smack dab in the middle of that hole. Kinda defeats the purpose yeah?
    – Cum shot is totally blocked so all we see is cum spilling out of Kellan’s wide open mouth so he can let the cum spill out onto his hand (no gagging so maybe he’s getting used to the taste of man-seed).
    And my FINAL ASSESSMENT (begin evil flaming comments NOW): While I normally can let go and enjoy a clip, I guess because it’s a monday, I wasn’t buying for one HOT second that these guys were bisexual in ANY way. Miles claims in the interview to be….and I quote….”totally, almost 100% bisexual” and yet when he discusses guys his answers are very short and terse. But with women, his answers are incredibly detailed and nuanced. Even in the clip itself he plays with Kellan’s hair in a way that is striking like that off straight porn performers and the long hair of their female scene partners. Also after the rim job, Miles cock deflates and we get a hard edit to his surprise magic rock hard boner.
    I realize I’ll be hated for that but….so it goes. Doesn’t mean Miles and Kellan aren’t bi but I’ll say they fuck and have relationships with women off set. How about that?

  3. Maybe he will surprise us here, since he seems to have all this energy he should be open to taking one up he butt. If he won’t shut up then CF can just have him do 3 somes all the time and keep both ends stuffed.

  4. I can’t believe people like him, the new batch of guys are just disappointing. This guy, Noel and Christian. Yesterdays scene between Kennedy and Christian was so bad it wasn’t even funny. Christian was the top in that scene and not a very convincing one. In the story that went with the scene they wrote “Kennedy is such a hornball and loves taking big cock, which made him the perfect guy for Christian’s first time”. If he loves big cock that much why pair him up with someone who has a 5.5″ dick. CF keeps introducing these twinks to us who don’t belong at CF but at Helix Studios. Where are the muscular fratboys that CF was known for?

  5. This video is sort of a “COMBO”…as promised by Corbin to either debut a NEW MODEL (solo) or a BLOW JOB – Oral Video. With Miles and Kellan,..we’re getting both.
    This is Miles 2, first appearance @ CF,…and he’s getting a BJ from my ultra-favorite Corbie – KELLAN.
    Call it coincidence,…but both of these guys came from Randy Blue (Kellan: aka Cody Blackford in August 2009 ) ( Miles: aka Charlie Peterson in June 2014)

  6. It must be sad to be you. Gay porn clearly revolves around your life. You need to get out. There’s more to life than porn

  7. Was it on this blog where someone quoted Kellan as having a divorcee girlfriend with a daughter with “special needs” (deaf) so that is why he must do gay porn? Either in the same post or another, he apparently “hated” the sex, which is hard to understand given his performances.

  8. @her0des – dude you hit the nail on the head! Kennedy WAY overacts in most of his scenes, shame cuz I think he is kinda hot! If Christian is 5.5″ than I am William the Prince of Wales! I too long for the days of Dawson, Cain and Aiden. Luckily, Connor is still active, otherwise CF would probably go under!

  9. I love it when the models moan and chatter/talk. It is a total turn on for me. On the rare occasion when a scene has no sound, it’s a boner killer for me.

  10. YEAH….I get that, but this cat? No….if you watch the clip you will either hit the mute button or BEG for this guy to shut up.

  11. Agreed. Kennedy is hot and he does NOT need to overact at all so I too have been shaking my head over his recent clips. And I actually didn’t mind seeing a smaller (in size and cock) guy fuck Kennedy. Who doesn’t love a big dicked bottom?
    I don’t mind the addition of Christian. If you look back the aesthetic of CF has evolved from twinks and lean, muscle to harder bodies and ab monsters. So to me, Christian is a throwback. I agree he may be better suited look wise with Helix (which is actually a pretty fucking hot website actually – I just joined for like $10 to stream and damn these twinks! They’re rocking that shit!)

  12. What else is a morbidly obese cat-hoarding shut-in who’s been confined to his bedroom for the past seven years supposed to do with his time?

  13. Once again I am in a minority. I think he is very sexy, both in looks and manner. More, please!

  14. I absolutely love him. He is utterly gorgeous and I love the way he comes across on screen. I don’t get it why people don’t like him. I much prefer someone like him over someone who says nothing at all.

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