Fernando Torres called Michael Lucas a fraud (tip @ Adrian)

16 hours ago, Fernando Torres, lover of Tomas Lopez, tweeted that he ended his exclusivity with Lucas Entertainment for non payment of his Berlin work and accused Michael Lucas of fraud.


He included a screen capture of his sms conversation with Michael Lucas on why he did not film his last scene with Lucas Entertainment.


Lucas Entertainment issued a response to Fernando's tweet.

We at Lucas Entertainment didn’t want to make public the current circumstances surrounding the dismal of our exclusive contract with Fernando Torres, but due to recent events we haven’t been left with a choice. 

The studio fired Fernando Torres due to his behavior on set in our last production. What started as a verbal altercation with his boyfriend, Tomas Lopez, on location in Berlin during November of this year — escalated into a fight during the night in the couple’s hotel room. Fernando’s physical violence left Tomas’ face wounded rendering him unable to perform in his scheduled scene the following day. 

Lucas Entertainment has worked with over 800 performers since its founding in 1998, and Fernando Torres himself has worked with the studio for nearly two years. As he knows, we do not tolerate violence, verbal abuse, or drugs, and it’s surprising that Fernando Torres has now decided to make a comment on his position as an exclusive model. His claims of “fraud” by the studio are unfounded and not true. 

While we will no longer be working with Fernando Torres, he is free to perform wherever he wishes in the industry and we wish him only the best in his future endeavors.


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  1. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA,.. and let’s blame it on having a “BOY FRIEND”,..and thank goodness there’s always TWO sides to any drama.
    National Geographic or the Discovery Channel should pickup on this incident and make a full documentary/movie on real-life LOVERS in the Adult Industry. LOL!!!
    Thanks Adrian,..for sharing …for I love reading about PORN-STARS idiosyncrasies.

  2. Everyone knows Michael Lucas is not a good person. Everyone knows Michael Lucas is not a fair businessman. However you all still purchase his ‘entertainment’ which gives him the power to be what he is. So who really is at fault here?
    BTW Didn’t Michael Lucas say he would never go bareback…LOL Fraud is too kind of a word to describe him.

  3. Frankly, I am sad about this. I have followed Torres and loved his clips; but I was especially keen on his BF!! And I thought that with LE they have found a good home. It is always sad when things get this way, but every time there is a couple working together (remember Seth Threston & Billy Santoro?) there seem to be a problem with LE. Lucas is a clever guy; and very powerful in the business. These guys (Torres & BF) I am not sure how much IQ they have (drugs maybe? testosterone shots? god knows), but certainly not up there with Lucas. Who to believe? I am not sure anymore, but the real losers are WE the viewers. My question is – what will happen to all the scenes they have already shot in Berlin? It will be interesting to watch. If Lucas uses them, he must pay the actors.

  4. Michael no es una buena persona, nosotros en Berlín cumplimos con todas las grabaciones acordadas y es más mi novio grabo más escenas de las propuestas sin embargo el es un tipo obvcesivo y ha intentado interferir en nuestra relación inventando una serie de estupideces tales como: que yo controlo la vida de mi novio, que no le permito usar teléfono celular y que le práctico bullyng etc entre otras. Lo más loco de esto es que este señor se ha auto convencido de cada una de las tonteras de las cuales habla y le escribe a mi novio diciéndole esto, como intentando lo convencer . Luego de haber terminado nuestro trabajo en Berlín. Michael a comenzado a poner diFicultades para pagar diciendo que el no confía en el medio de pago que con mi novio decidimos con anterioridad a las grabaciones argumentando de que yo le robaría a mi novio este tipo de opinión la ha realizado en varios e Mail a lo cual mi novio término por responder pidiendo que por favor no continúe intentando interferir en nuestra relación y se limite a los planos profesionales y a pagarnos según ya habíamos acordado. Pero como este señor es bastante loco y obvcesivo por supuesto no se ha quedado tranquilo e insiste pidiendo que mi novio le repita todo por skype así nos ha estado acosando y ostigando por semanas, estos últimos días Michael decide pagar 1000 usd del total que nos debe, argumentando que la diferencia la pagara sólo si grabamos en febrero con ellos y sólo después de haber realizado la primera grabación, pero esto no es todo ya que la grabación actual de febrero la quedaría debiendo y la pagaría en una futura próxima grabación así se asegura de que continuemos con el. Este es el proceder mafioso y deshonesto de Lucas, si alguien quiere copia de alguno de los e mails puede pedírmelos

  5. Por lo demás debo aclarar que el nunca me despidió en Berlín por el contrario el esperaba trabajar conmigo y mi novio en febrero prueba de ello es que mi imagen permaneció como uno de sus modelos exclusivos permanecía hasta ayer en su página web hasta antes de que yo fuese quien anunciara mi ánimo de terminar el contrato con ellos por el no pago e incumplimiento del contrato por parte de la productora

  6. This is a message translated from Spanish from Fernando Torres:

    Michael is not a good person, we in Berlin following all agreed recordings and my boyfriend is recorded more scenes of the proposals however is a obvcesivo kind and tried to interfere with our relationship inventing a series of nonsense such as that I control the lives of my boyfriend, I do not allow you to use cell phone and to practical bullyng etc among others. The crazy thing about this is that this man has self convinced each of the nonsense of which speaks and writes to my boyfriend saying this, as if trying to convince him. After finishing our work in Berlin. Michael started to put DIFFICULTIES to pay saying that he does not trust the means of payment with my boyfriend decided before recording saying that I would steal my boyfriend this type of opinion has performed in several e mail to which my boyfriend term for answering asking please do not keep trying to interfere in our relationship and is limited to professional levels and pay us as we had already agreed. But this guy is pretty crazy and obvcesivo course has not remained quiet and insists asking my boyfriend to repeat everything skype so we have been harassing and ostigando for weeks, these last days Michael decides to pay 1000 usd the total you owe us , arguing that the difference is paid only if recorded in February with them and just after making the first recording, but this is not all because the current recording February the stay must and would pay at a future next recording and ensures we continue with it. This is the mafia and dishonest proceed Lucas, if anyone wants a copy of any of the e mails can pedírmelos…
    Otherwise I should clarify that he never fired me in Berlin on the contrary he hoped to work with me and my boyfriend in February proof is that my image remained as one of their exclusive models remained until yesterday on its website up before I whoever he announced my intention to terminate the contract with them for non-payment and breach of contract by producer..

  7. OK I must say I believe Fernando more than I believe Lucas.
    From what I understand, Lucas has tried to create trouble between these guys, so that he can maybe work in the future with one of them over the other, or something like that.
    Anyway the clear point here is that Lucas refused to pay them the whole money due (fearing they might leave him altogether) and withheld their money until their NEXT job with him in February 2015. Sure fine way to hold your actors in check! And – according to what Fernando says – Lucas stated that would be their regular arrangement, i.e. they would get paid only after the show up for their next gig..
    It’s my personal belief that Lucas might have wanted to use his hot new model (Tomas Lopez) more and tried to cause trouble between them, so he can control the situation better. Typical businessman, I would say.
    Beyond everything else, I think these guys are in great need of employment of some kind, and Lucas knows it and takes advantage of their situation. He is definitely the sort of person who prey on the weak for his advantageous gain.
    I am waiting to see if LE will come back with better explanation that what they have given on their blog.

  8. Well, i think my Bf told almost everithing, in spanish.. i can add that working below this conditions is not healthy to nodody, we claimeb several times to ML for our payment in a very polite way using emials and the only thing we got from him is harass, gossip about Fernando, telling me things like “Fernando will leave me without my money, he controls you.. etc, etc”. So Fernando its my boss in this relationship?? Fernando is my owner??? WTF !!! Fernando its my Boyfriend guys! we have a beatutiful relastionship full of love, respect and proyects and this man “ML” tried by emails and gossip during the set to make we discuss between each other. Now he doesnt want to pay us like his “fake contract” says. For those reassons i gave dismissed from his production, being new on this, but i prefer to respect my relationship that go after a few paymentes and work with a crazy gay!

  9. This is not the first time we’ve heard an actor complaining about ML not paying according to their contract. I’m inclined to believe the actors since they all seem to tell the same tales. My question is, knowing what ML and his company are like, why are good porn performers still agreeing to work for him? Is is because he’s in NY and some actors don’t want to keep flying to the West Coast? If that’s the case then perhaps some companies need to create a NYC branch.

  10. Many gay porn models desperately need money and take every job they can. Some of these models barely speak English and do not read the gay porn blogs. If they had read STR8UPGAYPORN from Zach they would have known that ML is not a good company to work for: shady business practices (Michael Lucas should do a scene with Dallas Reeves!).

  11. Far too many of these incidents are happening to Michael Lucas. He is crossing everyone in the business and yet people still want to work with him. I wouldn’t believe him if his tongue came notarized.

  12. Those scenes will be released as normal. Michael Lucas has invested money and want to see some return on it. The problem for ML is that he is short of cash. The fact that he doesn’t pay his models immediately for a scene they have done for him proves this. BTW: ML is not powerful in the gay porn business. Everybody believes that he is powerful and therefore refrain from criticizing him. But his studio is struggling financially and more and more people see him as a fraud and a liar.

  13. Speaking of crazy gay: weren’t you in good company with ML as you yourself have a past that’s a bit crazy?

  14. THOMAS LOPEZ – You are very good looking and you do not need Michael Lucas! Please find other good studios like Chaosman (in Florida) or other ones; they will no cheat you out of money. All the best.

  15. True but the guy he’s screwing over is fucking a double murderer. Hard to feel sorry for Lucas’s victim on this one.

  16. So ML DOES NOT test their models and DOES NOT pair them with other NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE models…………..disgusting?

  17. His past has nothing to do with this…let it go. He has every right to make a living. If you don’t like it don’t purchase the videos he is in.

  18. “We at Lucas Entertainment didn’t want to make public the current circumstances surrounding the dismal of our exclusive contract with Fernando Torres” – GEEZ, I thought his english was better than that

  19. Adrian, Hmmmmmm? Not sure if Brian moved his company from Texas to Florida but on a resent post he said “a local guy in Texas”. I don’t think Chaosmen.com is located in Florida. Plenty other porn companies are but not that one.

  20. I still remember sitting in the audience and hearing Michael Lucas go off on Brent Corrigan about bareback sex and how wrong it was. Amazing how time seems to change things in one’s eyes.

  21. Just one more bit of evidence what a scumbag Michael Lucas has become. He’s never cared about his models but pairing neg and poz models and NOT telling them is beyond disgusting, irresponsible and callous. And he’s been busted not paying models before. If you have a subscription to his site you should cancel it and quit supporting him.

  22. The scary part is being told in a text message that some of the guys you maybe working with bareback are indeed positive and he felt that you maybe ‘ok with it’. WoW, I simply cannot.

  23. Another drama in Gaypornland. Quel horreur! It seems this is another example of the axiom that in the entertainment business, any publicity is good publicity. How many people will now checkout the LE website as a result? How many people will click on the LE icon on this very webpage? It’s all good for the people at the House of LE Porn.
    As for the models, we are constantly asked to leave their private lives private, at least until they want to bleat about something. ML is always bleating about something. As Count Voronovich above writes, a little due diligence just by looking at the porn blog on the reputation of ML might have gone a long way to preventing any contract problems, if there really are any.
    Without knowing the contract and the details, who can comment? It is all hearsay, but it makes for good publicity.

  24. Michael Lucas is a bitch, is a thief and a bad person.
    It is a very unpleasant person
    I believe him to fernando truth.

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