Fernando Torres called Michael Lucas a fraud (tip @ Adrian)

16 hours ago, Fernando Torres, lover of Tomas Lopez, tweeted that he ended his exclusivity with Lucas Entertainment for non payment of his Berlin work and accused Michael Lucas of fraud.


He included a screen capture of his sms conversation with Michael Lucas on why he did not film his last scene with Lucas Entertainment.


Lucas Entertainment issued a response to Fernando’s tweet.

We at Lucas Entertainment didn’t want to make public the current circumstances surrounding the dismal of our exclusive contract with Fernando Torres, but due to recent events we haven’t been left with a choice. 

The studio fired Fernando Torres due to his behavior on set in our last production. What started as a verbal altercation with his boyfriend, Tomas Lopez, on location in Berlin during November of this year — escalated into a fight during the night in the couple’s hotel room. Fernando’s physical violence left Tomas’ face wounded rendering him unable to perform in his scheduled scene the following day. 

Lucas Entertainment has worked with over 800 performers since its founding in 1998, and Fernando Torres himself has worked with the studio for nearly two years. As he knows, we do not tolerate violence, verbal abuse, or drugs, and it’s surprising that Fernando Torres has now decided to make a comment on his position as an exclusive model. His claims of “fraud” by the studio are unfounded and not true. 

While we will no longer be working with Fernando Torres, he is free to perform wherever he wishes in the industry and we wish him only the best in his future endeavors.