6 thoughts on “FRESH MEAT Jake Pavlov, Kris & Nathan

  1. SORRRRRY…but NONE of them really got me EXCITED. I don’t know them personally,..and therefore “LOOKS” is their immediate asset. to which I judge.
    Personally,..I think CM-Nathan would be a cute-looking-guy if he stayed away from the INK.

  2. Based just on looks, I think, Jake Pavlov of GayHoopla is the hottest looking. Early on, I had a subscription to GayHoopla, the guys were beautiful but the action was lacking. I have seen some recent clips, it looks like the action has heated up a lot. I may re-subscribe.

  3. Well only the first guy was above average looking.
    The rest you can keep.
    And even when White guys are average for gay porn–they still get work. That kinda is White Privilege.

  4. Jake Pavlov (Gayhoopla) is fantastic and totally outnumbers the other two. Fantastic body, very nice face and no tacky tattoos. The SC-guy is ok but not more and the last guy (Chaos Men) is a joke compared to the other two.

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