Logan Milano VS Broc Ross VS Mattice LeRock

Logano Milano [gallery & twitter] is the new guy at Randy Blue. His first scene, filmed last month, was with Chad Carzen, who first worked with Randy Blue in 2012.

Logan_milano_randyblue_01 Logan_milano_randyblue_02 

Bross Ross [twitter] first joined twitter last October and mentioned he was an exclusive of Dallas Reeves. Last month, his threesome scene [gallery] with Cage Cafig and Donny Forza was released. This week, his Bait Buddies scene [gallery] was released.

Broc_ross_dallasreeves_baitbuddies_03 Broc_ross_dallasreeves_baitbuddies_04 

Mattice LeRock was already introduced by Next Door Male [gallery] in 2011. In a few hours, he will be introduced by Men of Montreal. Curios if the Men of Montreal shoot was also shot in 2011.

Matticelerock_nextdoor_to_menofmontreal_01 Matticelerock_nextdoor_to_menofmontreal_02 
Matticelerock_nextdoor_to_menofmontreal_03 Matticelerock_nextdoor_to_menofmontreal_04