30 thoughts on “POLL Hottest Sean Cody model of 2014

  1. This is one AWESOME lineup. Some of the hottest guys anywhere are SC Models. 20 of the 25 are really hot good looking guys. My favorites are, in no particular order: Allen, Bill, Brody, Dean, Duke, Enrique, Jack, Joey. Of those 8, I voted for Duke. I chose Duke for his good looking face, sweet smile, muscular body and most of all, for the sheer delight he shows in having guy/guy sex.

  2. I voted for Chad…because he was the hottest one that DID NOT return.
    Least hot: Mac. -1000000 points for homophobic comments.

  3. so difficult to choose but in the end i went for pure handsomeness and that would go to Enrique.
    Christopher a very close second . As performers i love Joey & parker and even Eddie.
    i totally get Dean on a physical level and he is a gorgeous guy with a great body but i find him too gay for pay hence he over acts as a consequence. but he has the cutest asshole ever!

  4. So hard to choose, gonna stick with Ollie just because of his scene with Tanner, one of the best ever. Love Christopher but he did not return. Michael, Joey, Parker, Porter, all awesome. But Ollie and his incredible ass get sammy’s vote.

  5. So many great guys, they really leave all the other sites in the dust. With that many great guys I doubt the poll will reach a consensus, here it truly is a matter of personal taste.

  6. Scotty, Nico, Preston…Noah. I know it was up to us to nominate guys, but I remember Noah from even almost a year ago and he was fine!

  7. Oh, also we forgot Frank–I know he’s on the CF list as Brandon, but he could have gotten a double nomination he’s so hot.
    All that Said, I went with Enrique….but would have chosen Noah or Frank.

  8. Wow, Now SeanCody has a line up here. Out of all of the studios they have the majority of best looking guys.
    Only a few of them where ‘meh’ when the most where actually hot. Im actually not gonna vote here because I found many of them worthy of my vote.
    Isn’t it great how I just found so many ways to call the majority of them hot in slightly different ways in every sentence. Its like I just repeated myself in several different ways.

  9. I will list the NOT so hot list because I feel it would be shorter
    Brody, Eddie, Forrest, Gabe, Gram,Joey, Liam, Michael.
    If SC dropped those guys they would have the hottest male models on the net for 2014. CF (even most of the ‘major’ studios) have really fallen off.

  10. The sad part–those are the guys who’ve all come back for hardcore scenes….sigh, SC is such a tease.

  11. Once again, no diversity in this poll — unless you count the Asian! (Yes, there was at least one black guy: Chad.)

  12. I agree! Sean Cody still has the hottest guys but this year none of the really really hot guys came back for more (except Dean)… Thats why Dean is a winner! Hottest solo Chad Chris or Dominic.

  13. I’m a SC member but i remember nothing about Allen. How is he getting so many votes? And how can it be Christopher or Dominic don’t have more votes? They are both crazy hot.

  14. Allen is getting votes because he is actually a fashion model… althought I also think Sean Cody had hotter guys like Chad or Chris

  15. This was hard for me. Too many choices. Loved Duke, Michael, Perry, Christopher and Joey but what happened to Jimmy? I guess not enough people liked him. I thought he was pretty cute in an alternative type of way.

  16. There was a rumour going round that Payton did a scene with David but its never materialised. It could be true and SC are with holding it for some reason. Apparently he topped. I’m only guessing that there may be some validity in the rumour since the models do 2 shoots when they visit San Diego. David got a new tattoo in his latest scenes which may indicate that there is a missing scene from him around the August period when Paton was there.Hot guy indeed.

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