15 thoughts on “Stefan of Next Door is now Enrique of Sean Cody (tip @ Max)

  1. “Thank U – Max”!!,… I knew I seen SC-Enrique somewhere,..but couldn’t place which studio. I think the name “Enrique” reflect his true ethnicity a lot better than using the name “STEFAN”.
    Personally like his facial FUZZ, and uncut COCK. 🙂 🙂

  2. Is this the first time SC has had seconds from another studio? Not that I’m complaining…it’s one thing they should probably do more if it gets us hot dudes like this one. I would love to see him back.

  3. He looks better now that he has lost his baby-fat. That’s the problem that I have with all these Jocks under 25 – they are muscly and toned, but they all have baby fat. They only starting to get attractive after 25, and especially after 30. Unless course they become a tad crazy, like many young performers in the business that stayed too many years and did too many scenes, and start taking drugs, making strange tattoos, piercings, hair styles that gone array, est.
    He does look good now, but I am waiting to see if he will be matched up with some guys on SC, not just boring solo, and show us what he can do. Personally I prefer him to bottom, because he looks like one of those boring straight tops. Lets hope it’s not the case for him.

  4. Caleb, He is the not the first, but it is a very rare thing for SC to do. Gavin Tate was Fratmen Gavin back 2008 and went to SC where he bottomed for the first time and after that he was everywhere. There have been others but like I said it is not a normal practice for SC to do.
    On the other hand, their have been way too many that went from SC to other sites and major studios to keep count of.

  5. I don’t think it was babyfat he lost but he was bulking at the time of his NDS shoot/video.
    I agree however he looks much better without the bloated face. To be fair however most guys don’t look good facewise when they bulk.
    Colt from Corbin Fisher is another example of this.

  6. Enrique definitely looks hotter now. He is more muscular and toned. I think the ideal years for male beauty is between 20-30. Men over 30 are usually far more interesting and accomplished but not as beautiful as the under 30 guys.

  7. NCBored, You are right his last name was waters. I had him confused with a hottie from Randyblue.

  8. I think he looked different at SC because SC has some great lighting and great photoshopping skills (they usually get rid of all the blemishes on pics that you end up seeing in the actual vids). Their boys ALWAYS look different outside of that studio. For some reason SC gives their boys this youthfulness that’s not really organic to the boy’s actual appearance. Just look at Jess and his current state, Simon Dexter, and so many others who left that studio and totally lost their charm.

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