9 thoughts on “Tatum VS Billy Taylor VS Sebastian Hook

  1. OK, so he is WAY too young for me, but check out the dick on RB’s Billy Taylor!! Plus his solo was pretty engaging, for an 18-year old, he was very comfortable being on camera!

  2. I LOVE these EASY POLLS…as CF’S TATUM fits my liking to the “T”, thus coming in 1st PLACE. “A true California SURF-JOCK”!!
    Close behind was RB’S BILLY….followed by Mr. HOOK.
    However, there are NO “LOSERS” here,..as all three guys are on my “HOT LIST”. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks DENZ,,,, for having “GOOD TASTE”!!

  3. Sebastian Hook is holy crap hot! But what’s going on with Corbin Fisher? They keep finding blah models lately. They’ve gone WAY down hill.

  4. While all three guys are HOT and I like Tatum’s Tom Faulk look. It is Sebastian Hook’s beautiful muscular body, especially his biceps, pecs and big cock that got the biggest reaction from my peter meter.

  5. Sebastian is a home run find for Gayhoopla. How hoy he would look at CF or Seancody involved with barebacking of his perfect tight bubble ass. It remains to be seen how well Gayhoopla will showcase this hot boy fuck. It’s almost like it’s a new website start up growing with a hot ass showcase. Hopefully Sebastian will see his ass being rimmed, eaten, devoured, fucked, barebacked, cream pie, and facials all over his super hot face. This stuff sells, just ask the big boys.com

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