THANK YOU for 2014!

THANK YOU to Alias74 for sharing your reviews.

THANK YOU for the tips you shared to me. It made the blog more interesting to read.

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THANK YOU to the commenters, who took the time and shared their thoughts.

THANK YOU to those who visited this blog and made it a part of their porn life.


11 thoughts on “THANK YOU for 2014!

  1. Thank you to you too Denz for creating this great blog. I visit only a couple of gay porn blogs each day and yours is at the top of my list. I would also like to thank everyone for contributing and making this such a great destination, because there’s always something interesting to read here and I often learn interesting bits and pieces I never knew about before from these posts. Wishing you all the very best for a fantastic year in 2015! 🙂

  2. ….and THANK YOU – DENZ,…for the privilege and pleasure to participate OPENLY here at MoP.
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to YOU,..and may ALL the very BEST come your way in 2015. 🙂 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Guys and Denz love this site and you always gie us good information re the world of porncheers mate…

  4. I used to follow a TON of gay porn blogs and somehow managed to stumble upon MOP. It is now a required daily visit for me and would still be even if I didn’t contribute tips or reviews. This is my favorite blog hands down. I like the honesty and the candidness here and I get the sense that Denz likes reporting on scenes and news as opposed to being a shill for affiliateship or trying to get signups (I know that’s part of the game). It would be nice if MOP got nominated for “Best Gay Porn Blog” sometime and if there was more traffic here!
    THANK YOU, DENZ for an amazing blog and THANKS to everyone who has contributed – tips, comments, everyone!

  5. I agree with Alias74’s comments. I look at a few other blogs but this is the only one which doesn’t not act just as a sales conduit for porn web-sites and has much more interesting discussions. Denz is to be given credit for asking whether or not we think any “special” is really a good deal so we can think more carefully before or if we purchase. And the diversity of points of view on the issues is good.

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