9 thoughts on “Then & now on Mark Long

  1. Finally. Thank you!
    I’ve been obsessed with his big cock for a while.. looks so damn delicious xDD
    Unfortunately these pics doesn’t do to him any justice. He’s pretty hot with a great body too. Y’all have to see him in action.

  2. Interesting how he doesn’t seem like much in photos but watching him in action takes my breath away and makes me giddy.

  3. Ummmmm so we’re just going to ignore the fact that he does absolutely nothing back to his partners in any of his scenes?

  4. From the last few scenes; he fucked the shit out of his partner! HAHAH For some reason I’m not too bothered with this one guy not reciprocating. Typically it does bother me but for Mr Long I’ll settle for what I can get lol

  5. This guy needs his OWN website! I prefer the then version though. He’s more toned and also, that tattoo? Not a fan.

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