92 thoughts on “Who is the hottest Corbin Fisher model of 2014?

  1. I just checked, Camden first scene was with COLT and not Rowan. If Camden can’t swallow Colt’s cum, he better hang up his gay porn hat!

  2. I can’t believe Truman is not pictured above or that no one had mentioned him. He would absolutely be my number 1 pic. Or wad he introduced prior to 2014? Anyway, he’s visually stunning!

  3. While Kennedy has really come into his own at CF this year, he was unfortunately introduced late last year. Colt though has showed a similarly insane amount of growth so he gets my vote.
    Noel’s doing some good work out of the woodwork though.

  4. Hi Guys….I made a SIGNIFICANT BOO-BOO….as in reality,,,CF released 39 new models to date beginning with Abram, on January 7th,..and most recent with newbie MILES 2 on Dec 8th. (and that includes JACOB which was a solo debut @ CFS in June 2014)
    I love to seek “Perfection” but since I’m only HUMAN,..is subject to many “IMPERFECTIONS”. My sincere apologizes to DENZ and the Patrons @ MoP.

  5. Unfortunately Truman’s been mostly paired with some awful tops (which is essentially true of many CF pairings this year) – he’d be my personal pick. Colt is really enthusiastic and makes a great bottom, however again he’s been paired with horrible tops in poorly edited, badly shot scenes – I’ve no problem with him changing his looks, as long as his performances remain good, so again if forced to vote, it would be Colt, but I’d prefer to see say Truman fucked by Aiden or Connor (or any new guys IF the new guys actually [a] could fuck and [b] had a penis of any girth and length other than very below average).

  6. Yeah…I thought there would be a lot more, since he is newer. I totally understand the majority of Colt fans…he was used a lot in the first half of the year (a Lot of scenes)…and he is great. But Noel is so damn handsome, and sexy. has a nice dick on him, and is clearly my fav. (Well I guess a couple of us see that).

  7. I’m going with Brandon too.
    Brandon and Pierce were all I wanted from this years solo’s to jump in to the man on man action. Usually the guys I find most attractive don’t come back. :-/

  8. 1st Jacob.but he is from 2013 right??
    Then, if not possible, I’ll have to go with —Colt—!!
    3rd (2nd) Ezra

  9. Maybe it was just a forgiveable slip. Too many of these models are forgettable and perhaps that’s what happened in your counting. You understandably forgot a chunk of ones who should not clutter our screens, eg. Son of Quasimodo.

  10. Jonathan first, then Ellis then Noel then Camden then Evan then Declan (lower because he didn’t stay) then Cal (need to see some more, please!). So many to choose from this year!

  11. I think Lance is hot. But CF just isn’t the same without Aiden and none of the newbies even come close to matching the level of hotness they had last year.

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