Casey is #1 in Fratmen’s list of Top 25

Fratmen was known for their hot guys only doing solos. To drum up interest to their non updating site, they had fans favorite or retweet on twitter their favorite guy in the list of 25 guys that Fratmen compiled. Casey emerged the winner.

Caseyistopfratment_100list_01 Caseyistopfratment_100list_02 
Caseyistopfratment_100list_03 Caseyistopfratment_100list_04 

Second was Nash and third was Shay.

Caseyistopfratment_100list_05 Caseyistopfratment_100list_06

  • 4. Bradley
  • 5. Trey
  • 6. Payton
  • 7. Vincent
  • 8. Braden
  • 9. Porter
  • 10. Daniel
  • 11. Payne
  • 12. Colby
  • 13. Chase
  • 14. Mick
  • 15. Trent
  • 16. Clayton
  • 17. Twins Micky and Ajay
  • 18. Kelan
  • 19. Alan
  • 20. Skylar
  • 21. Carter
  • 22. Houston
  • 23. Logan
  • 24. Parker
  • 25. Levi

The rest of the list, 26 to 49, 50 to 74 and 75 to 100, were made by Fratmen.

10 thoughts on “Casey is #1 in Fratmen’s list of Top 25

  1. FratMen certainly had a lot of hot guys and a believable case can be made as to the hotness of any of them, but come on… any list that would rank Cole (now known as “Cole Money”) way down at #75 is simply too preposterous to be taken seriously.

  2. I’m delighted that “CASEY” came on TOP. I have two favorite video featuring Casey…First, was with Mick filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii,…and the next was a follow up called “THREE BANANAS”… with Vincent and Keli’i also filmed in Hawaii.
    I had the privilege and pleasure of bumping into Casey and Vincent at the Hula’s Bar and Grill in Honolulu….and still recall Casey had very clammy hands during our hand-shake. Both were filled with the “Aloha Spirit”, polite and friendly.
    It saddens me to see Fratmen switching in favor of LIVE-CAM format from the Pad … that cost them my membership.
    I wish CASEY — All the BEST and warmest ALOHA ,…and Congrats for being voted the TOP @ FM.

  3. Shay was randomly on cam4 a few months ago when the whole Voyeurboys thing happened – he had a huge hobo beard and was going on some weird rants about how he was happy not having a lot of money, etc. :/ Idk what happened, he was one of the most attractive guys on FP in my opinion.

  4. I hate that Ajay and Micky weren’t higher (probably because of how young they look) but my, oh, my! Why am I so late in knowing about Shay???

  5. Casey was one of the most passionate models from Fratmen well deserved
    My top 3 is: 1.Casey 2.Vincent 3.Shay

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