16 thoughts on “Ahmed Savky is the new guy at William Higgins

  1. There have been one or two on the old WH site. I wouldn’t go as far as three, but I know there was at least 1. Again, the old WH site.
    Neither of the ones I remembered stayed around long, so this is probably a one shot.
    Helix has done a lot of IR stuff and been successful on PPV sites. Maybe just testing the waters. Also, not many people of African ancestry in the “Czech” areas.

  2. I agree, he’s fugly!
    I’m all for more Black guys in porn, but he’s not attractive. I might do with him a bag over his head though. Nice body.

  3. I agree, he’s fugly!
    I’m all for more Black guys in porn, but he’s not attractive. I might do with him a bag over his head though. Nice body.

  4. Jim, you’re fine. He’s ugly. He’s like that RB live mode. I forget his name. Ricky something. Hot body but his face is -__-.

  5. Just like Bel Ami. They had one black model and, no, I’m not talking about American model Austin Merrick. Speaking of Merrick, whatever happened to him?

  6. STAXUS has quite a few Black guys on their site, Dick Casey & Tin Law have been banged by them, among others. They’ve been advertised as “Dominican”. Whether this means they’re from the island of Dominica, or the Dominican Republic I don’t know. So far, they’ve been tops…..BIG dicks….and much better looking than this guy

  7. And now, let the hateful comments begin!
    Correct me if I am wrong but Denz was pointing out that Higgins released a video with a person of color. This was not a “Hot or Not” post. The opinions and adjectives used are quite offensive in your evaluations of this model. The guy is a person of color and while your taste is your own, there is no need to include your take on his looks. Instead, you should be expressing your feelings of the change for the Higgins release.
    More importantly, thank you Mr. Higgins not only for showing some color, but not play into the porn world’s perpetuate myth that any one race is hung or undersized.
    For the record, I like this guy!

  8. The black Staxus guys are really from the Dominican Republic. They speak mainly Spanish and some English. With the Czech guys mainly speaking Czech and some English directing a scene will not always be easy (YEAH, I know it is gay PORN, but still!!!).

  9. Models are judged on their looks on gay porn blogs all the time. It doesn’t matter if they are white, black, red or purple. Sometimes I find it offensive but not always (if the guy is a real asshole, say Jed Athens). As for this black WH model: I like his body but his face doen’t appeal to me. If you can’t handle me saying this then you shouldn’t visit this blog.

  10. Easy to handle what you say because of the way you say it. Saying “his face doesn’t appeal to me” is a tasteful opinion. It is when terms like fugly are used that is not needed. Jed Athens is not a good person therefore unattractive. On that you have my full agreement for sure! I read somewhere a comment ripping Dalton Briggs to pieces about his facial features. Those type of comments are useless and hurtful.

  11. He’s black and he doesn’t have a monster diiiiick!!!!!
    Yah! He’s not handsome, but I wouldn’t describe him as fugly.

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