14 thoughts on “BIGGER guy got fucked – Seth Santoro and Gabriel Clark

  1. Love Gabriel, but only when he is evenly matched. This was an odd pairing. Like watching a chihuahua fucking a Great Dane.

  2. It’s an extra turn on for me to watch the bigger guys get fucked. I’m 6’0″ and I would totally give it up to 5’9″ Gabriel. That guy is smokin hot and knows how to fuck his bottom guys.

  3. I do too but lately the gay community has a thing about “manlets” or men they consider short which is funny because my doctor told me that 5’7″ to 5’10” is average. Guess I had better question his judgment.

  4. A condom scene with his husband when it’s known and seen that they don’t use condoms? Lol Not interested.

  5. They did one of the first condom-free scenes at LE. It seems a bit silly, but it shows the policies of the different studios.

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