Brannon of Chaos Men is now smiling

Brannon is his 5th porn name in gay porn. In the three posts I made about him, there was always a comment about his teeth.


  • From Rob on this post "I loved everything about him, then came the teeth. Then I clicked away to another porn."
  • From shatonyou on this post "He's clearly not working for an orthodontist."
  • From Alias74 on this post "OH SNAP! Snaggleteeth burn!"

He hasn't had a smile that showed his teeth with his solos at Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue and Chaos Men.

Alec_aka_neill_aka_brannon_03 Alec_aka_neill_aka_brannon_04 

Until now with his latest released scene this week.


14 thoughts on “Brannon of Chaos Men is now smiling

  1. His teeth were not that horrible, they just weren’t completely straight. I wonder why he did not stay at CF, i doubt the other sites he has worked for pay as well as them.

  2. He looks much better. It must help his confidence. Now, he just needs to learn to fuck. He’s been a better bottom than top.

  3. I’m so happy for him. He looks very handsome at ChaosMen. I hope they have him bottom early and often.

  4. He was mostly bottom a MormonBoyz. He bottomed for Jacob at CF where, as someone at wrote, Jacob pounded him like a “ragdoll”, which was a good description. It was a hot scene.

  5. He is a good looking guy and I like the new smile, but what is more impressive to me is the fact that Brannon/Alec had major abdominal surgery, cutting through his abdominal wall, and the dude is still sporting a 6- or 8-pack! Guess it is back to the gym for the rest of us!! Regarding the sex in this scene, very average, I thought he performed better at CF. Maybe if he gets paired with Vander or Griffin his performance will improve.

  6. With a body and face like that, as long as he kept his teeth clean, I wouldn’t mind. But now he’s just mega hot!

  7. I’m super glad he used his money from his work for the best thing he possibly could–it will change the trajectory of his life…you know how us Americans are about teeth.

  8. He is a terrible top. My guess is CF didn’t ask him to stay–you gotta be vers. over there to have a career. Hope CM just lets him get plowed regularly and not try much else.

  9. His teeth look exponentially better. I had jacked up teeth growing up and orthodontics wasn’t enough to make them look that good that quickly… what he had done would take YEARS. He clearly had vaneer$ put in and in the US that would be upwards of $2k+ each individual tooth. I hope he traveled to SE Asia or Central America as I did… otherwise he probably spent his entire poor career savings on this.

  10. He could have gotten a pair of snap on teeth, which are molded to your existing teeth and normally look perfect provided you get the right brand. It can be done in three visits and you get a set of teeth that you snap on easily that feel natural. I had a family member that went this route and most don’t know the difference.
    Think of it as a more advanced form of vampire teeth that aren’t connected together.

  11. SORRY GUYS….But I’m NOT buying it, and THANKS to Photoshop.
    There’s NO bloody way any Orthodontist could realign teeth within a window of 4~6 months between CF and CM…for that would be a miracle in dental medicine.
    I did a 900X blow-up (just facial/mouth) of his Chaosmen photo with Dorian Ferro,..and it clearly defines a photo-overlay. FYI: That is the only three photos depicting a “Brannon Smile”, in his zip still photo folder.. and NONE in his photo-screen shots.
    Personally,..and since he was a Corbie,…if it was teeth/smile/handsomeness alone,..CF-ALEC shouldn’t be doing porn. ..However I’ll concede that he does have a porn-physique, cock, and decent skin tone.

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