Cocksure Men redesigned and at $9.95 a month (tip @ Peter)

This was the old look of Cocksure Men.


This is now what it looks like after the re-design.


If you remember, Cocksure Men has been releasing scenes bought from Eastern Europe. But, two of the last 4 updates had American based porn stars.


They were bareback so where did Jake Cruise filmed these 2 scenes? Keep in mind he was fined last year for 11k by AHF.


The membership is now at $9.95 that updates every week and it includes content from SG4GE. Is it a good deal or not?


13 thoughts on “Cocksure Men redesigned and at $9.95 a month (tip @ Peter)

  1. They are no longer shooting content. The American shoots are outsourcted out of Florida. I don’t think they will be around for too much longer.

  2. Agreed. All the current scenes are produced in the Czech Republic with second tier porn performers. I’m not sure how long a site can stay alive with this sort of business model. Clearly the site is on its way out.

  3. Christ….the advent of all these $9.95 memberships feels like the death knell of gay porn.

  4. Just about every studio is offering very cheap deals. It can’t be sustainable. Cocksure Men probably won’t last much longer, but it will be just one of the many that will probably go under this year. This time next year could look very different.

  5. Better website better mean better content. Much better content! If they get back to putting out good stuff, I’ll rejoin. As it is … meh.

  6. It just shows how profitable porn has been to date. If they can still make money at these prices, we have been suckered (but not as much as those who give to GoFundMe campaigns).

  7. Most has been at the expense of gay porn models with considerably lower scene rates, even for top studios like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher. I think Sean Cody made a sound business decision to sell his company now that it is still worth some dollars.

  8. Has SeanCody dropped those big rates? Maybe that is why those incredible solo guys don’t come back for male/male action. Maybe that is why CF seems to be having a big turnover of some of the older names (i.e. the last couple of years) Maybe this will be the demise of G4P.

  9. Business is bad all over and porn is getting cheaper. Back in the day I would pay a fortune for videos then dvds, then the internet websites saved me loads of money. Now I shop for the best deals. Its a sign of times that the money is not there. Gay for Pay is on its way out.

  10. They have been circling the drain for a few years. Two of their sites no longer have new content (the flagship Jake Cruise site uses the same updates from his son/dad website. Before that, there was a visible drop in quality of the talent they used. The profit is very slim and I think he is going to gradually go back to web design. An $11K fine is a lot of money for a struggling company. The Mike Dozier Twitter stunt backfired, one of a number stunts they have pulled that backfired. Plus all of his content is available for free online. They aren’t a company that can afford lengthy and expensive legal bills to get it taken down.

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