Dawson & Ryder are back at Corbin Fisher (written by Jason401)

Delighted to see Dawson back in front of the camera sporting a whole new look for 2015 and I’m smiling cheek to cheek.


Ryder is also back since being in hiatus from August 2013 and also comes with a new toma-hawk hair-style and tattoo over his heart.


NOW, I am going to dispute Dawson’s profile age of 24 and call Corbin Fisher a “Deceiver” or at least proclaim he failed miserably in Math.

According to Dawson’s video archives, his first scene was released on October 17, 2005 and that’s 9 years ago. Assuming he started doing porn @ 18/19, fresh out of high school, that should place him at 27 (28) coming into 2015, well within the CF’s cut-off-age for their models.


We need to appreciate Dawson’s return as he could be on the “tail end” as a Corbie. Unless, Corbin Fisher has revamped the age status and is allowing the Dean List’s Studs to work beyond 27. I think Dawson has earned that consideration since he and Lucas were instrumental in Mr. Jason Gibson’s success. 


Dawson enjoys kink so I hope there will be more toys, bondage, strap-on’s, etc during his new tenure.