Deal or no deal? $10 more for a premium membership at Chaos Men (tip @ ncbored)

If you want to be a new member of Chaos Men, you pay $24.95 for 30 days and it auto renews at $19.95.


But, if you want high quality video at 1080p HD and download it at a faster rate, you need a premium membership that costs $10 more. The first month is at $35.95 and it auto renews at $29.95.


13 thoughts on “Deal or no deal? $10 more for a premium membership at Chaos Men (tip @ ncbored)

  1. I think it’s kinda a shitty deal, but it’s an easy choice for me. Perhaps unlike many people, I don’t like 1080p HD porn videos…they take up way too much space for a collector like me. I watch porn at my desk and not on a 75 inch jumbotron…I don’t benefit from something so huge.

  2. I like to view porn on my iPad,..thus 1080p is more than what’s needed to view guys fucking/jerking ….therefore happy with CM’s standard 1024X576 resolution.
    To date,..Bryan is the only studio that charges additional for 1080p….and is it worth the extra $10 bucks. A definitive “YES”, if your planning to view them on a wide-screen wall monitor, where every inch of pixel counts.
    PS: Bryan needs the extra income to pay Porn Guardian to delete his pirated contents. LOL!!!

  3. I am not bother re the HD Videos as I agree they take up to much space and the quality offered is enough for me. Sean Cody videos for examples take up ages to down load.

  4. “To date,..Bryan is the only studio that charges additional for 1080p….and is it worth the extra $10 bucks. A definitive YES…”
    I’m confused by your post. You correctly note CM is the only studio that charges additional for HD then say is worth it and a good deal. Why is it a good deal to pay more at CM for something you get for free at other studios?
    Bry is out of his mind if he thinks this is a good deal. I pay less than $10 a month at SC which includes HD vids and I get 2 “sex” updates every 8 days instead of 1 every 7 days. Good deal my ass!

  5. I am not bother eether. It do take up to much spase and cwality be fine fer me to. With my web konekshun, Sean Cody video take way to lung be down lode.

  6. First, let me say that the premium membership isn’t worth the extra money to ME, although the increased download speed is tempting.
    But a couple of points are worth noting, I think.
    First, while there are other studios that offer 1080 at no extra charge, there are a fair number of sites that don’t offer 1080 at all.
    Secondly, your SC rate is enviable but unavailable to new subscribers. The best initial rate for SC currently is 27.95, which drops to 19.95 after 6 months. SC is notorious (to me, at least) for not having ‘sales’. I suspect this might change under the new management.
    ChaosMen had 14 updates in January; only 5 were solos.
    So, while SC is a better value (speaking in quantitative terms only), the differences are not as extreme as you seem to think, IMO.

  7. NC…I hear what you are saying but, for my taste, “service” vids are only a slight step up from a solo and I rarely give them a second look so I’d also subtract these from your 14 January count. Therefore, for my money, the difference is pretty extreme.

  8. Paul, I did wonder if your definition of ‘sex update’ required anal. (Shades of Bill Clinton, lol.)
    Every sites has its fan and its critics, and we all are privileged to decide where we want to spend our money. I do worry about the economic outlook for sites, tho.

  9. I usually download the full HD SC scenes but the 1280 CM scenes. SC videos can be longer, but both SC and CM scenes can be up to 28 min or so. Like Gazzaq, I find SC scenes with the 1.6-2.2 GB size can take hours to download and sometimes you have to start afresh (wasting valuable bandwidth you pay for). A trick I use is to stop and restart the download, which often helps to increase the speed, which always flags if you just let it run. CM scenes usually take about 30 min to download the about 500 MB. The quality difference isn’t that great on a 55″ TV and it isn’t worth an extra $10 to CM for full HD IMO.

  10. Although CM is probably my favorite studio, I have to say this is all way too expensive. Especially when you feature 2 seriously fat homely looking guys on your last video (Ransom & Wagner, 1533). Who would wank to that? gees. Chaosmen has seen better days.

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