Death of Sean Cody?

The Sword broke the news that Sean Cody has been bought by the owners of MEN. The new owners can be found at the bottom of their webpage.


Is this the death of Sean Cody since it was bitten by a vampire? Or, will it be stronger and live forever?

(thanks to Tyler for the link above, sent via email)

Everyone is wondering what will happen to Sean Cody? But, what do fans want if this deal becomes official?

Would you want cross overs from Men to Sean Cody and vise versa?


Would you cancel your membership if Sean Cody reverts to using condoms?


Do you fear the quality of Sean Cody will go down?


The positive thing I see about this deal is that I might get to know the guys at Sean Cody on a more "personal" level.

48 thoughts on “Death of Sean Cody?

  1. going back to condoms, which appears certain given is 100% condom, would flat-out kill the site. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Thank the gods for my thousands of scenes saved on my hard drive. I hope Sean Whatshisname got enough money to placate his conscience for effectively giving his baby the death penalty. Traitor.

  2. this is a travesty – has the worst scenes and awful directors – I hope they do not change a thing at Sean Cody, as is the bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to quality content (and talent) – so sad – thankfully (or not) Corbin Fisher is still around (intact) as a back-up to Sean Cody should it change

  3. I’ve kept a paid membership with SC for almost 3 years now (and locked in at 9.95). So I plan to keep it that way regardless, unless the quality just goes to sh*t. might keep it the same. But what I have noticed over the past month (maybe longer) is that SC hasn’t done hardly any internal cum shots. Most of the scenes have the guys pulling out at the end. The scene with David and Graham had a partial internal before David pulled out. And that could be the build up to taking over. They’ll keep the bareback, but no more internal cum shots.
    But the bigger question is why sell? Unless it was a VERY substantial amount of money that no fool would dare turn away.

  4. I have to say this really disappoints me. I felt SC was on a great trajectory to continue to produce high-quality product. Sure, they’ve stumbled with some legal issues. But overall, I think they’ve lasted because of the quality of the intimador, care and venosity.

  5. WOW!!! … SHOCKING – Headline NEWS in 2015 from San Diego. Thank God,..I downloaded his entire video inventory to date. “Happy Camper”!!! and long live the memories of Sean Cody. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  6. Not sure I want to blame Mr. Cody. This is probably more the case of piracy from the majority of people who don’t pay for their porn and the new owners who run the largest piracy sites.

  7. If MEN keeps their site condomed and keeps SC bare, then they cater to all…smart move if this is what they keep. Remember they are in it as well for the money, they can keep both the way they are.

  8. It might end up like when Yahoo bought Tumblr: Everyone there was really nervous the site would change dramatically but nothing really did for the most part.

  9. Well, another way to look at it is that would like to produce videos that are condom free and will use SC as an outlet. I just hope it does not ruin the quality.

  10. Yeah, I don’t think this is a good move for Seancody and will lead to a downward spiral. is just…ugh!
    But, maybe it won’t and the quality of the people working at Seancody will rub off on the parent company…though, I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Everyone has his price. Maybe Sean’s will be disclosed in the fullness of time. Maybe he wants to take his money and run and do something else. Maybe he sees the scourge of piracy eating too much into the profits for the foreseeable future. Maybe the monopoly of studios on porn is being tested by the cam brigade. Maybe the very Internet that porn helped to develop to its current state is too developed and its elimination of privacy is making it too hard to get models to do anything other than solos because of the fear of the consequences of doing anything else. Porn is an industry in flux. Always has been.
    The post on says that the condom-free scenes will continue. Any businessman making a buck out of porn would not try to change that. If they do, someone else will offer it because that’s where the bucks are. Simple as that.

  12. The nightmare has begun. Why does it have to be like this?! Leave SC alone! It’s the only gay porn I watch!

  13. It was already going downhill. Their scenes have become boring, passionless and stale; it’s only fitting that they are owned by the same people as Oh well, there are plenty of sites offering genuinely gay men who are actually into each other; I tend to avoid anything owned by straight people or large companies.

  14. I think it’s worth remembering that SC was NOT bought by – it was bought by the OWNERS of (who own other sites as well). Their goal is profit – hopefully they’ll try to keep SC on the same path that has led to it’s current status & success.

  15. A major problem in porn is that so many viewers feel no obligation to pay for what they watch. As a result the porn companies lose money, so they pay their models less and fewer guys are willing to work for such low compensations.

  16. What happens will be a combination of protecting and maintaining the profitability of the Sean Cody brand as affected by the personal objectives and idiosyncracies of the new owners. If they see the current format as being the most profitable, it will stay. If they don’t, it won’t and they will have to wear the consequences.
    In the meantime, the copyright infringers should probably think twice about their need for free porn and keep Bryan and Chaosmen, at least, going.

  17. I think you make some pretty good points. Something which hasn’t been mentioned in the reactions on different blogs is the condom law in California. If OSHA in California can go after TIM and Jake Cruise why not after San Diego based Sean Cody? Maybe SC did not want to move out of California and thought it wiser to sell the company?

  18. Yes!!!! Another platform for Johnny Raped to show off his unique talent! Can you imagine him being raped by some of those hunky models? I can and it I would suck. Sad day for porn. Congratulations Sean! You knew when to pull out!!

  19. What makes it more confusing is that the new owners also own some of the sites that make ‘free’, pirated porn available. Will they become more diligent in enforcing copyright infringement, or will they view SC as just another content source for their ad-supported sites (Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube, etc.)

  20. Just as I said on another blog; I have had a membership to SC for years. It’s the best $9.95 that I spend a month. I hope like hell they keep some level of independence. Who knows SC may be in financial trouble and wanted to sell before the company was worthless. That house up on Cromwell can’t be cheap. I wonder if they are going to sell that house? It has a good view and lots of sun. The neighbors are very close on both sides that probably why there is no pool sex.
    It may be time to start looking for another site. I would like to hear from SC.

  21. Calm down everyone. Business is business. MEN bought Sean Cody because they were successful and they want to make MONEY. Simple as that. They aren’t going to fuck with a winning formula. I would guess that everything is going to stay pretty much as it is. They aren’t going to turn MEN into Sean Cody and they aren’t going to turn Sean Cody into MEN. Why would they combine two sites and lose subscription fees. The answer is, they wouldn’t. Would you? Move along, nothing to see here.

  22. Totally disagree with you that it is that simple–hope you’re right, but I’m less certain.
    The porn market has consolidated a lot recently–like every industry has. Why keep two studios when you can have one? Why have to video production crews when you can have one? Why have two sales teams? Two recruitment teams?
    If you think the “vision” of Sean Cody himself has not had a profound impact on how scenes are shot and models are selected, then you’re mistaken. Look at how Apple hasn’t been the same with the loss of Steve Jobs, yes, the company is here and doing fine, but it is not what it used to be….more importantly, the product is not what it used to be.

  23. I agree. It is easy to write that “business is business” and nothing will be changed. The only constraint on business is that the sum of activities must be profitable. All the rest is subject to the views, moralities, objectives, etc. of the owners. A good example is New Corporation, one of the biggest media companies in the world. It is structured so that the Murdoch family controls it. News Corporation is well known to reflect the views of the Murdochs and for trying to affect elections worldwide and either unseat liberal governments or keep conservative governments in power. They were involved in the News of the World crisis in the UK. McDonalds didn’t use to have slots in Las Vegas because of the “immorality” of them. Don’t know if that continues. While the porn industry is not so interesting, concentration of ownership is more likely to result in less choice than more. That is why it is important to keep multiple independent porn studios in business.

  24. Caleb, you touch on the topic of consolidation of the people who have been providing to production, recruitment and so on. This I feel is really where time will tell the continuation of the SC brand or it’s demise. Sean Cody really has no employees per se. These are freelance people/groups who were compensated for the services they provided. Will MindGeek bother to try and retain the people used by SC? If so, MG will likely offer less money for the sames services. Those people may very well go on to focus on other venues. That I think is the most likely outcome that will forever change the SC brand. The only hope I have is that these BTS people are all in contact with one another and are motivated to take their vision and create a site with the qualities they lent to Sean.
    Hey, one can dream right? RIGHT?

  25. Don’t forget that Manwin is a str8 owned and operated company. I don’t think they bring to the table the gay influence in making hot porn. If you compare str8 porn to porn, who is also owned by Manwin, there are many similarities, most of which are not good IMO.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue buying up other gay porn sites. Eventually, they’ll be the only game in town.

  26. Denz, Why do you think that you might get to know the models on a more “personal” level? Does MEN do something there like interviews or something? I have had a membership to SC from time to time over the years but have no interest in MEN site membership.

  27. Everyone knows SC has incredibly restrictive modelling contracts which effectively prohibit them from escorting.’s models aren’t similarly restricted so they may decide to relax those restrictions for SC models as well.

  28. I think Denz is suggesting that Sean Cody models might start getting on Twitter and stuff like that.

  29. Maybe we will get many more years with Tanner now…instead of the scene limits…and bring back some old faves like original Zaack and curtis

  30. I thought about that one also. If the new owners want an excuse to make condom-free, there is one made-to-measure for them. And maybe Sean didn’t want the expense of moving, just in case the law did change. Maybe it was all too difficult so he sold out. That’s a very logical thing to do. Take the money and run!

  31. Saving on back-office costs is a common way to maintain profitability. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rates for the models were dropped as well. And then you’d see the hotness of the models drop, especially when unemployment is dropping and porn as a short-term option to make a few bucks is less attractive.

  32. Just read on that the house with the pool in San Diego is on the market. Things are already changing. We will see no change until the current suite of scenes filmed there is exhausted, then there will be no more. What next?

  33. I’m kind of on the fence about it, I have an account with it during their holiday deals for 14.95) and I can say that not all of their scenes are the best but they strike gold sometimes as well. Sean Cody has a formula that works for it very well so I would like to think that the new owners would be prudent enough to not try and they they can ” improve ” upon it. At the same time seeing some crossing over happening is kind of hot to me, seeing Tanner, Dave, Dean, and Brandon get it on with the likes of Colby Jansen, Paddy o brien,etc, and seeing alumni like Colby Keller playing with the new guys would be beyond hot. But like everyones been saying, only time will tell with that happens.

  34. It was actually in the comments section. Apology for confusion. Even more confusing is that someone has disputed it. Anyone know the truth?

  35. Either they’re going to start barebacking on MEN, or those MEN models who are willing to, will move to making videos on Sean Cody…probably for more money.
    When will Paddy O’Brian suck a cock though, that is the question…

  36. You would think after the news of two models being infected while shooting bareback porn, would have some affect on people, who beg and plead for models to continue to risk their lives doing bareback, for people’s viewing pleasure. Guess not. Long as you get off, who cares if these people get infected or not, just sad.

  37. Traitor Really Please
    Business is Business stop taking it so damn personally you should be on Way Big mate with the other Drama Queens

  38. Changes are Coming. The way Sean Cody is looking today will change real soon. Mark my words. So all of the negative feedback they have been getting for the last year of so re not doing this, not doing that i.e not enough internal cum shots, cream pies, not providing enough perfect straight models that return to fuck each other etc blah blah blah lets see what the ‘fans say when the high standards drop’. Sometimes as the sayings go ‘we don’t appreciate what we have until its gone’.

  39. Terrible news! I don’t ever buy the phrase “business as usual”. . is terrible and if they even think that model works then kiss SC as you know it good bye. Can’t wait to see the bad decisions they are start making after the 3 month scene vault runs dry. I hope I am proven wrong. Gay porn is a wasteland and another website falls because of piracy and greed.

  40. I seriously can’t believe the percentage of people would cancel their memberships if SC started back to using condoms. I don’t care if they use condoms and I don’t care if they bareback. As long as the models are hot, there is chemistry and/or good editing then I am going to watch the scene. That is just me.

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