New guy Ross of Corbin Fisher is a live cam model named Jake Ross

The latest guy at Corbin Fisher this week is named Ross.


On twitter, he is known as Jake Ross and advertises himself as a live cam model on different websites.


There seems to be a controversy around him. He still does cam shows but if you open one of his Chaturbate rooms, it says "Access Denied. This room has been banned." And, if you open his Flirt 4 Free page, it says "Model Bio Not Available".

A reader of the blog, Issa, did talk about her experience watching Jake Ross on Chaturbate "I have watched him a couple of times and both times it seems he scam people of their money. He would ask for tokens or coins to do something. Then when he gets it. He either don't do it or half ass. One time he said he would lick icing or something off his ball sack . A guy tipped 1000 tokens so that's like 100 dollars. And of course he half ass did it. Some one called him out on it and he went crazy. Cursing and bragging about being filmed on sean cody and all lol. He is not a people person at all. He just sit there on the phone or just scam folks big money to do nothing. I mainly see him on chaturbate now."