Pierce Clooney before Randy Blue (tip @ Nico)

The new guy this week at Randy Blue is Pierce Clooney [gallery].


Prior to being a Randy Blue model, his solo at Suburban Boys was released last July 2014.



He is on twitter and just joined this month.

He meant RB. He was on Corbin Fisher as Pierce. He was introduced last January 2014 and two str8 scenes of him were released, one on the same month he was introduced and the other one last April 2014.



You will finally see him in a gay scene. He already filmed a duo scene at Randy Blue.


11 thoughts on “Pierce Clooney before Randy Blue (tip @ Nico)

  1. Freudian slip. He used to be on CF – but left a few months ago. He had said in a live show he had problems performing with men and was likely not asked to come back. I guess he got over his problems at RB because he’s bottoming soon (based on a previous Instagram from Randy).

  2. He used to be on CF and did a solo and two str8 scenes. a 1 on 1 and a tag team. No Bi sex. He was Pierce at CF.

  3. Yeah, I thought that was Pierce from CF with a little more muscle–looks like he took the tweet down.
    I think he’s super cute, glad he’s making a go of it at RB–if he can’t get it up to top, I’m down watching him bottom a bunch.
    Expecting all of their performers to be vers. has always been a downfall for CF and getting hotter models to come back and stick around.

  4. It was as good scene as can be expected from the str8 ones on CF. It would have been so much better if Hayes had pounded both the girl and Pierce.
    Wondered if he’d come back. He didn’t at CF. But they all seem to re-appear somewhere else after disappearing from the first place once the decision is made to do porn. Might as well make as many $$$ as you can when the $$$ are shrinking for models in the industry.

  5. It is funny that with only a year difference between his CF solo and RB solo, he looks significantly “older” – not sure if it is the facial hair or more muscles, but he is much hotter now! While I am up for seeing him bottom at RB, he will probably have a hard time cumming while getting f*cked, which usually ruins the scene for me!

  6. Bieber would fall in and get lost in the endless voice that is Rapid’s hole. Maybe we should make this a new national cause.

  7. Caleb got him good, even ate his cum. Pierce needs to do that, too, before he’s taken seriously.

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