Forrest & Perry at Sean Cody by Alias74

Overall Impression

Chunky, southern cute Forrest is back, and while he’s not the most porn hung guy out there (may actually have to do with his Peyronie’s cock more than anything), his “national treasure” ass finally gets plundered……by a high pitched voice, smaller model!


Oh, Sean Cody….how you frustrate me! Speaking of frustrating, the clip starts out good – Perry makes out, fingers, and then rabbit-fucks the shit out of Forrest to a semi-internal cum shot – but the scene’s momentum grinds to a DEAD HALT when Forrest takes his swing at top. That’s sad because with his personality, jokey demeanor, and can-do attitude, Forrest has the potential to be a star performer in the Sean Cody stable (dude even jokes about his “gay-hole” and manages to get interviewed mid finger-fuck and mid-fuck in the adorable Behind the Scenes).

(marginally) WANK WORTHY (probably closer to Download and Watch Later)

What to Look Out for

  • Forrest, Forrest, Forrest….I do LOVE me some chunky (read: thick and beefy) boys. With his ball-quiveringly cute Georgia accent and DAT AZZ, I would step over twenty Jesse’s, Calvin’s, and Jack’s to ride this bucking bronco! And the kid can take a hammering!


  • Not a huge fan of Perry’s high pitched voice and slightly femme-y mannerisms, but he surprised me in this clip. Dude can FUCK…and fuck fast and hard! That’s a winner in my book! Bonus? He stays ROCK hard fucking and getting fucked!


  • I love it when tops pull all the way out and shove back in. Forrest = the master of this move with his curvy, prostate banger!
  • GREAT hot unbroken take from 18:43 to 20:16 as Forrest fucks Perry who is sitting cowboy, facing him.

What I Could Have Lived Without

  • SIX effing minutes of pre-show shenanigans! Someone at SC loves Forrest because his pre-show stuff is always lengthy and pro-edited differently than others. Skip to minute 6:22 for the sex.


  • EYES WIDE SHUT! Sadly, through a lot of this, the boys have their eyes closed and off in some other land where cummy cocks aren’t getting shoved in holes and mouths.
  • Perry couldn’t be more disinterested in the oral and fingering portions at the beginning. Its clear he’s having trouble with Forrest’s bendy cock.
  • Clip’s momentum hits the wall when they switch up to Forrest fucking Perry. That’s not good since “boring top” is a specter haunting Forrest. FIX THIS, ASAP!
  • A lot of the positioning of the models in this clip weren’t thought out well – blocked shots abound where the model’s arm or position and angle prevents good views (check out the weird push up position Perry is in when he cums semi-internally in Forrest. #AWKWARD).
  • Um….Forrest’s second cum shot completely misses dousing Perry’s hole. What???

Hottest Moments

  • 10:29 The moment Forrest fans have been waiting for – dude lifts his legs to get a hot one-two fingering. DELISH!
  • 12:15 and beyond – Perry delivers one of the hottest, rabbit fucks to ever be unleashed on a first time bottom.
  • 14:07 and beyond – Hard to tell if Perry shot internally….in the replay we see his cock get pushed out but he presses the head against the freshly fucked hole. Nonetheless, there are some hot closeups of Forrest’s cummy, used hole.
  • 15:38 Check out Forrest’s first cum shot after being fucked for the first time on camera. Take a lesson from human anatomy and sexuality – see all the clear fluid? That’s prostatic fluid from having his prostate stimulated for the first time. Nice.