Roderick of Chaos Men was known as (Petty Office) Chris in 2012 (tip @ Asier)

Chaos Men introduced Roderick last week, January 19, 2015.

Roderick_chaosmen_aka_chris_allamericanheroes_01 Roderick_chaosmen_aka_chris_allamericanheroes_02 

He already worked in gay porn in 2012 till early 2013 as Chris for Naked Frat House and its sister site All American Heroes.


The two do have the same on tattoo on right leg.


5 thoughts on “Roderick of Chaos Men was known as (Petty Office) Chris in 2012 (tip @ Asier)

  1. Speaking of porn stars who may or may not be the same person.
    Is Clayton from Fratpad the same as Abe from Sean Cody? To me they look like they could be brothers.

  2. He looked better when he was younger — with more hair and a tan. But I still like his look and body now. I hope he’s vers at Chaosmen.
    Thanks for the intel.

  3. Thanks for this and reading the recent Choasmen update Bryan has stated the same hmmmm passed off as a newbie. Got to be said these guys sure know how to reinvent themselves don’t they.

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