Ryan IV of Active Duty will be Brian Strowkes at Next Door World (tip @ GMan)

The first scene [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05] of Ryan IV at Active Duty was released last November 2013 and his most recent scene was released last September 2014.


This coming January 23, 2015, his scene, as Brian Strowkes and as a top to Markie More, will be released by Next Door World.


Considering Active Duty and Next Door World are family since they are handled by Buddy Profits, I assumed no name changes will be done or just gave Ryan a last porn name.

11 thoughts on “Ryan IV of Active Duty will be Brian Strowkes at Next Door World (tip @ GMan)

  1. I always like him though I worry pretty much about his weight cuz he always looks gaunt and even gaunter in later scenes. He needs to stop whatever shit he’s been on lol and build some muscle. His dick is A+++++ and the scenes with Grant is super duper hot! (the scene with Niko too I guess).

  2. I’m actually surprised that this blog has not mentioned the return of Brandon and Curtis in SC.
    Watching Brandon and Perry, seems like Perry is so in love with Brandon, catch him a lot of times, staring at him and would just do anything for Brandon.

  3. Markie Moore was like a dead fish in next door male. I hate guys that rest their head with one hand holding up their head, it makes it look like your bored! The way he was lying down being rimmed and fucked was just a mess. Should of been on all fours perking up that tiny ass of his. Brain Strowkes deserves a better bottom jeesh.

  4. This is Brian… I’m not on anything lol i’m skinny naturally I wrestled 103 in HS and am about 130 now so i’m pretty small. And well Tan just wasn’t my friend from birth. Glad you like my cock 😛

  5. He’s had 2 new scenes at Active Duty in October & he’s listed as ‘Brian II’. (His older scenes are still listed under ‘Ryan IV’.) Guess his career at NextDoor didn’t take off – it’s been almost a year since his ‘audition’ there.

  6. He didn’t do any scene from 2015? It’s sad ‘cuz he’s a great performer for me. I love it. I bet that he’s also a great bottom even if I never do it

  7. It’s five-years later without a word about him in porn…he’s not only never going to hear that, but I’m sure his wife and kids wouldn’t appreciate the reminder of the past he’d probably knife someone to be able to deny.

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