The scene that Fernando Torres was not supposedly paid?

Lucas Entertainment listed 7 scenes of Fernando Torres and the latest was with his lover Tomas Lopez.


He did call Michael Lucas a fraud and accused him of not paying his scene shot in Berlin. Was this the scene he talked about?

If he really HATED Michael Lucas, why would he retweet scenes of him filmed by Lucas Entertainment?


It made me think it was all made up to drum up interest.

9 thoughts on “The scene that Fernando Torres was not supposedly paid?

  1. BFD. In real life, some family members should be murdered. Glad he was able to take care of business and then move on with his own life.

  2. There was a lot of discussion about this on the various blogs. It was a complex situation, apparently involving abuse and the guy was apparently acquitted in due process, so he apparently did not murder anyone. He should be treated like any other citizen who has gone through the court process and found not guilty of any crime, i.e. like all law-abiding citizens.
    That’s more than you can say for some of the purveyors of misrepresentation of themselves and fact that you see on this and other blogs.

  3. Focusing on the scene, Lucas somewhat spoils what was mostly a hot scene between two great models with an obviously fake cumshot at the very end. Its the kind of thing you expect to see in the most low budget porn.

  4. Maybe it wasn’t to “drum up interest.” Maybe it’s just that since then Lucas has finally paid up?

  5. i was thinking the same thing. the filthy hebe must’ve squeezed his pockets and finally paid up.

  6. It could have been a story drummed up to avoid talking about someone killing someone. It is much easier to talk about someone not getting paid. Anything is possible in the porn business least of which is causing a distraction. Just another plausible theory.

  7. I got it on good authority from Tomas Lopez that nothing is settled and they haven’t got paid. I did want to share the correspondence with the admin on this blog, but he hasn’t replied my twit about it.
    In any case – it is strange that they are pushing it despite not being paid. Never the less it’s a great scene with two real lovers – who could ask for more?

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