A new look for Arad (tip @ Jose)

Arad is currently associated with Next Door Buddies, where 5 scenes [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05] of him have been released.



He is also a body builder, as shared by QPN. In a Q & A with QMN, he mentioned he was gay, single & exclusively top.


And, he is also a model. His latest was a fashion show in Dallas.


This is the latest look of Arad from an event he recently attended in Dallas.



21 thoughts on “A new look for Arad (tip @ Jose)

  1. Oh so you’re here now! since Str8upgayporn and QueerMeNow banned you, (yes they banned you, say all you want the owners have publicly stated they have) you have to go and troll other gay porn blogs too!

  2. Clean shaven on Arad is a terrible look, especially when he’s lost a bit of color.
    As far as him being gay/bi/straight, in an interview he said he was gay. His facebook profile he follows a couple of gay groups and he has pics with both guys and girls. I don’t think he’s fully gay, at most I think he’s bi. At least he’s G4P. You can’t tell by his performance since there are gay guys who are just as bad tops as Arad is.

  3. He was in a few bodybuilding competitions this past summer. That look isn’t a permanent look as people who perform they do something to lose water mass and give them that really lean but muscular look for competitions.

  4. Interesting thing with gay worshipping fags; a guy says he’s straight and the straight-worshippers get pissed at the people who call bullshit. The guy claims he’s gay, and the straight worshippers STILL want to live in their straight-worship fantasy world. Everyone is straight in gay porn to them.

  5. In an initial interview at Next Door Buddies he stated quite convincingly that he was gay. There were no silly qualifiers like “just sexual” or “bi-curious”. If I recall correctly, he even stated his preference in men and his eyes seemed to light up on the topic. I have seen no reason not to believe him.

  6. Geez. Some of you guys are absolutely nuts. Why would the guy lie about being gay?! There’s absolutely no advantage to it, especially working at NextDoor. He’s Persian, so there’s a strong cultural prohibition against identifying as GAY (if he were in Iran, they’d be throwing him off the roof of the highest building). Indeed, I’m sure that “Middle East machismo” plays a role in his insistence on being a strict top.

  7. Maybe he is just a strict top because that’s where he feels most comfortable…I will never understand how gay people cannot believe a man can be Gay and a Strict Top. When ever its stated you get the reactions that he is either lieing or ‘Bi’ when its neither. Being gay does not automatically make a guy a bottom or versatile. I honestly hope he never bottoms. Just to set a standard, he would be one of the very few.

  8. No that’s not the case for me. I can believe gay guys can be strict top, but I find it foolish if you’re only a strict top and you’re just bad at it. Two examples in my opinion are Adam Champ and Jimmy Durano. Although I recently watched Adam with Allen King on a MAP scene and he was a good top, for once. Jimmy, meh. But I don’t think they’re lying when they say they’re gay, I believe they’re gay and they’re strict tops.
    But something is a bit amiss about Arad claiming he’s gay. I know I could very well be wrong about it, but I just can’t help but have this feeling that he might be lying about it. And pornstars are not always known for being the most truthful. Rocco Reed stated he was bisexual, and when he left he said he was always straight and never anything else.

  9. I can’t with you ignorant hypocrites in the comments section? When a guy says he is str8/bi = “obviously in denial, he probably likes dick” and now you have a guy saying he is gay and I’m still seeing “he’s probably straight and lying, he is clearly bi at the least”
    WTF?? I bet anything if he was skinny, feminine and a bottom no one would be questioning how gay he is. But because he is a muscular, handsome, masculine top he is somehow incapable of being fully gay???
    You silly ***s need to stop perpetuating shitty stereotypes based on appearance/position, it’s incredibly childish and close minded

  10. Oh come on sxg I does your pea sized brain forgot that the sword and men of porn are my favorites. Lol you should go to QMN this isnt for you.

  11. If a guy is banging some dudes and says he’s straight, I can see where some doubt would come in (my ex being one of them). But if he freely admits he’s gay? What the hell? Why would he fake that? You guys need to get a life. I happen to find him extremely attractive and would love to be his bottom boy all day and night long. I like him with longer hair and the facial scruff though, but I wouldn’t say no to him either way. Especially if he a good snuggler and a considerate top when he’s not in front of the camera. Arad my legs would open for you…

  12. So he’s top-only in his private life? Just me but when you’re in a same-sex relationship, it gets kind of boring when you “stick to roles”. He most likely wouldn’t date me but I definitely couldn’t date him.

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