Boo boo by Dallas Reeves on Archer Hart & Tanner Skye (tip @ Bo & zwight)

This is Archer Hart, as shared by Archer on twitter.


The latest scene at Dallas Reeves paired Archer Hart and Tanner Skye where it said Archer barebacked Tanner Skye.


But, the photos had Archer as the bottom.


The description was correct “Once Archer’s manhole is nice and wet, He hops onto Tanner for a ride. Tanner fucks him from beneath with his bare dick, making Archer moan deeply as they make out.

FYI There was another scene with the same two guys released by Boys First Time. It may look the same or shot on the same day, but it was not. The Boys First Time was released last year (Aug 2014) while the Dallas Reeves scene was shot this year (2015).

If you watched the two videos, there are differences in physical appearance.

Thennow_archerhart_tannersky_01 Thennow_archerhart_tannersky_02