11 thoughts on “From Casey to Jordan Cleary to Jordan A at Next Door Buddies (tip @ Zane)

  1. He is a good performer on Choasmen, but he needs to be more versatile as he only tops which is a shame as he has hot butt which needs to be fucked.

  2. Obviously,..spent a chunk of his $$$ earnings on more INK over his right shoulder while working for Bryan.
    Will he bottom @ NDB??…. My bet is “NO”!!

  3. He’s a full service top which is what ultimately counts. He kisses his partners, sucks cock, rims ass and fucks pretty well. Why bottom?. Stay a muscle ginger top and own it boy!……

  4. This dude has never done anything for me. A full service top? Guy never seems to be into what he is doing, heck, it actually looks like he is trying to think of a chick while being with a dude. He’s a dud.

  5. I usually find redheads (gingers) insanely hot. This one, not so much. He is, in my opinion, boring.

  6. A full service top is what I just what he is. He sucks, he rims, he kisses and he fucks. There are plenty of tops who are in the business that don’t do half of these things. At least he tries……
    Whether you think he’s into it or not (because of the vibe he gives off in his scenes) is a different matter altogether. I’ve seen his videos on Chaosmen and I think they’re hot but to each their own I suppose…..

  7. I don’t know what it is about Markie More, the more I see him, the more I like him. And he totally rocks those spectacles (glasses) of his.
    And he has really, really become the go-to bottom at MEN as far as I am concerned.

  8. Jordan is one sexy hot ginger. But to call him a muscle ginger? More like chunky ginger….when I think muscle in terms of porn stars I think more cut.
    And “Josh” is spot on….Markie More gets hotter and hotter and more delicious the more I see him work. I just wish he was with a different company not associated with Men.com or Falcon….which knocks out a lot of studios actually.

  9. I actually think he’s thinking of his wife while he fucks these guys on screen. Bryan (from CM) once mentioned that Jordan was married to a woman with kids and all that stuff trying to expand his income.

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