From US to Europe for Craig Daniel (tip @ Jay)

Craig Daniel [twitter] is currently based in London & two scenes of him were released this week.

The first one was from Fucker Mate,  a site based in Spain (?), where Craig barebacked Zeus Espana.


The second one was from Butch Dixon, a site based in Great Britain, where Craig barebacked Gaston Groupier.


He did work in the US a few years ago for SX Video and Treasure Island Media. He was only known as Craig.

At SX Video, his movie Double Fuck My Ass was released in 2009.

Craigdaniels_sxvideo_01 Craigdaniels_sxvideo_02 

And at TIM, his movie 1,000 Load Fuck was released in 2009 & Breeding Season 2 in 2010.


On twitter (via DM), Craig mentioned he lived and worked in America from 2006 to 2010. He is British and back in London.

12 thoughts on “From US to Europe for Craig Daniel (tip @ Jay)

  1. haha, thanks for posting. It is interesting to see he transit from total top in tim and sx to the vers/bottom now. I have to admit his cock was not as hard as before.

  2. Craig Daniel has also done scenes at LucasEntertainment a few months ago and I think maybe UKNakedMen.

  3. I THOUGHT that was him. For some weird coincidental reason I decided to watch Breeding SEason 2 and I was like “That looks like Craig Daniel”. IT wasn’t until I saw the mole on his leg that I confirmed it. He’s been doing bareback for a while now. Wonder if he’s “undetectable” like a certain very popular gay porn star now.

  4. He did a couple of TIM videos a while ago. I first noticed him in Breeding Season 2, gangbanging Christian, then I recently discovered him in UK porn. I wondered was he an American who move to the UK or a Brit who just started in the US. I heard him speak in Ruined Orgy (Bulldog Pit) and found out that, if my accent detection is correct, he’s not American or British. He sounds Australian or from New Zealand.
    Yes, his dick is very big.

  5. From the information I gathered, he is or was a medical research scientist. Maybe he was working in SF or SD. It makes sense, those two cities have lots of bio pharma companies.

  6. Craig is such a hottie and I’m glad he’s now versatile. His scenes at UK Naked Male, Butch Dixon and Lucas Ent are much better than when he did work for SX. Hope to see more of this handsome stud..although I think he’s better as a bottom!

  7. Bloody Hell he gets around, thought he was newbie as he appeared on Blake Mason in December as if he was new to the industry. Christ these guys are sure good story tellers. He’s a good fucker though.

  8. Know am late to the party with this one but does anyone know if this guy does escorting? Would love a go 😉

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