Johnny Torque back at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios announced this week the re-signing of 4 exclusives for 1 year. It included Johnny Torque, whose most recent scene was released last July 2014.


After that, I’ve seen him [gallery 01 & 02] this year with a transsexual scene.


He never bottomed [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05]. Will it change this year?

Johnny_torque_backatnextdoor_03 Johnny_torque_backatnextdoor_04 

FYI 3 other exclusives were re-signed. The versatile Markie More [gallery 01, 02 & 03] and the exclusive top Arad [gallery 01, 02 & 03] and Mark Long [gallery 01, 02 & 03].

36 thoughts on “Johnny Torque back at Next Door Studios

  1. I like a lot of the topping scenes Johnny Torque made. but it may be because of the hot bottom guys like Lance Alexander and Marcus Mojo that he was paired with.

  2. I cannot help but echo the previous posters. Torque is one of the most boring gay-for-payers. Good Luck to with their scenes with Torque. I have ZERO interest with thus dull performer.

  3. And yes, as another poster rightly pointed out, if Marcus Mojo or Lance Alexander make more scenes, I would LOVE to watch that.

  4. I love Lance and Marcus, wish they would return. Big loss for us. But Torque coming back is a double loss.

  5. I’ve always liked Johnny Torque. He may be gay-for-pay and may never bottom, but he’s not afraid of body contact and he makes out and sucks dick like a champ (like Sean Cody’s Brandon, whom I also like very, very much). I’m more than ready to see his new Next Door stuff. I guess I’m one of very few.

  6. I think he’s super adorable. He’s got a good face and a killer body. If i still liked the rest of NDS I would be glad

  7. Unless this guy sucks, gets fucked and generally earns himself a name in porn for doing more than getting blowjobs and fucking guys…we’ve got another Cody Cummings on our hands!

  8. These strange lot who seem obsessed with NDM…I don’t think they actually know of the existence of other websites, which give you value for money.

  9. Makes out? The only decent make out scene he’s had is with Anthony Romero in “The Boys Next Door” with Falcon. There’s probably a total of five films he’s made where he kisses another guy.

  10. The gay porn entropy continues.
    Know that saying “you reap what you sow”? Well…now it’s all come to a head….boring ass gay for pay performers have destroyed gay porn making it boring, limp dicks by the number, badly edited SHIT. And shit that is now owned by two or three money filled resourced companies all pumping out the same boring ass porn. Meanwhile the only sites really showing spark are the bareback companies NOT owned by the growing Boring Ass Gay Porn Empire….but then what? Gay consumers are too busy trying to sink bareback porn over political sentiments and the condom versus prep versus bareback movement.
    So what does that leave us? Porn not worth paying $1.00 for or bareback porn I’m supposed to feel guilty or self-hating about watching and supporting?
    Yeah….Gay porn is imploding and declining more and more and more.
    Truly fucking sad as shit.

  11. I actually like Johnny Torque. I can’t explain why but I find him very sexy and I like his scenes. I’m much more excited about them bringing Mark Long back though. 6 scenes over three years isn’t nearly enough.

  12. Echo much of what has been said, like Brandon at SC, I like Johnny more for the guys he was paired with and the overall scene energies between him and the other guys. That said, like Brandon at SC, I am no interested in seeing either guy as a top any longer. Just skip the usual bottoming scenes and have them both get DP’ed right off, then kick them to their respective curbs!

  13. I second that one. Just line Cody Cummings who is a real bore and what was that with all that fake fuc*king he did that was just sad.

  14. The same exact thing I said they are the two most boring porn stars I have ever seen. Would never want to meet them in person.

  15. If you have truly watched any of his scenes you’ll notice he only licks the tip of the head of his scene partners. If you call that ”suck dick like a champ”, you’ve never be given a bj in your whole life. 40 year old virgin?

  16. The reason people download porn illegally is that it’s just not worth paying to see. Some porn stars are desperate, others perverts, but as long as they’re willing to do the business…and that means no-holds-barred, it’s worth the money. Who would pay to see this guy, when he obviously despises what he’s doing and probably has it off-limits with Next Door to even discuss the possibility of doing ANYTHING more with another guy?

  17. I agree. Marcus/Landon Mycles or Tommy D would have been my choices. If Torque bottomed, I’d be more likely to enjoy him.

  18. Agreed. The only plus about Johnny was that he at least fucked which is something Cody Cummings should learn.

  19. Funny you would say that because Kristen Bjorn released a scene with Marcus and Rusty Stevens. It’s probably old.

  20. Hey, NDB, if you want to bring someone back, here’s a tip: bring… back… Bradley Hudson!!! I’m all aboard with everyone else for the likes of Marcus Mojo and Lance Alexander but I can’t overlook Bradley Hudson with his fine self either!

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